Shamanism and Divination


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Shamanism isn’t a system of perception or religion, it’s a system of data, and divination is among the paths to realize direct information. Direct information may be outlined as that which is skilled first hand by the senses. Divination just isn’t ‘fortune telling’, it’s a method to a deeper understanding of occasions and influences surrounding a state of affairs or individual. Divination has all the time been an integral a part of shamanism. One of crucial roles of the shaman has been to hunt revelatory information from visionary sources, which can be for therapeutic functions, “why has this individual turn out to be sick?” “what drugs does this individual want?, or necessary communal wants “the place are the herds of caribou?”, divination can also be typically used to get which means from goals and visions.

Divination is as previous as humanity, however sadly in mainstream Western society it has been considered one thing primitive, irrational, and pandering to superstition. Divination is just a method of showing the reality. The diviner reveals or uncovers to their shopper hidden truths about themselves, or the circumstances surrounding them. In societies outdoors the West, divining continues to play an essential position, revealing that which is hidden, easing nervousness, and serving to in coming to phrases with difficult circumstances which will demand the implementation of inauspicious selections.

In divination, the position of the shaman is to behave as a mediator or ‘center-man’. The shaman by exploring and offering the preliminary studying and interpretation permits the seeker of this info to keep away from projecting private needs, wishes, and needs if the query or state of affairs is emotionally charged.

The Multi-dimensional Cosmos of the shaman

In shamanism, there’s one other sort of time, not linear or sequential however a time which is one single second. This huge ever shifting second has no boundaries which separate the previous, current and future. This is a time during which something which has ever occurred to anyone anyplace, someplace it’s nonetheless occurring. The shaman travels ‘outdoors’ of linear time into this huge endless ever-shifting second to hunt the knowledge on the place the place this occasion is occurring.

One of the primary gateways to this huge second of time or common consciousness is our personal powers of creativeness coupled with the three elementary rules of expanded notion;

B.Intention All actions start with an intention, a want for a selected end result. The precept of intention operates on two ranges, the apparent , ‘that is what I need to do’, and the delicate degree , i.e. it’s a sign or alert to power to be ready to maneuver to a sure vacation spot.

P.Trust Trust is an ineffable high quality, it’s skilled within the physique, not the thoughts. Trust takes time, and to get belief we’d like suggestions which both immediately or not directly validates our expertise. With belief our experiences and confidence in our actions improve considerably.

O.Attention This is concerning the software and focus of power and intention. Attention just isn’t ‘arduous-work’ but it wants consistency, to put your consciousness on the interface of occasions or locations….. Energy flows the place Attention goes.

Divinatory strategies

The shamans used many numerous strategies for divination, both methods looking for patterns in pure objects and occasions, or utilizing methods to immediately get hold of hidden information. An instance of the previous could possibly be the follow of divination with rocks.

Rock Divination To do that the normal apply is for the seeker seems to be for a rock while holding the query within the thoughts, ultimately there can be a rock which stands out or ‘metaphorically’ shouts out “me, me!”. Here is a chance to follow the precept of belief!. As a useful tip the extra faceted and internal varieties the rock has the higher as extra sides and patterns imply extra element shall be out there to the reader. The seeker ought to then give the rock to the shaman or practitioner and state the query. The shaman (who is aware of as little as attainable concerning the questioner or the circumstances relating to the query) will gently concentrate on the rock and permit patterns to type inside the creativeness. The shaman might ask the seeker to state the query a couple of occasions as this helps to deepen the trance state of consciousness, to the place the place the shapes and patterns within the rock grow to be a ‘gateway’ instantly into the common area of power, and pictures, footage, phrases, emotions will begin to type inside the shaman’s being. Each rock face represents a special facet of the query, and the preliminary response is usually “the place the questioner is at this second”, and this results in different rock faces, every rock face exposing and presenting an expanded view of the reply. To me personally this work is superior, mysterious and poetic, and I have discovered that’s as if an individual’s life story is contained in a rock.

Sunbeam Divination Journey An instance of a selected method to find hidden information is the Sunbeam divination journey of the Labrador Naskapi shamans. This journey has a single particular function to seek out out the bodily location of an individual, object, or place the place an occasion will happen. In this follow no info might be given concerning the object, individual and so on solely it is location. One can see the usefulness and practicality of this system, for instance to assist hunters find recreation animals, or the to seek out out and rescue a misplaced member of the tribe and so forth. I have used this apply many occasions typically to find misplaced keys or the pockets of a shopper!

An Exercise – Naskapi Sunbeam Divination Journey.

First meditate or mirror on what you need to find or know the whereabouts of, keep in mind the primary precept of Intention. When prepared, discover a place the place you’ll not be disturbed for half hour or so, darken the room, and lay down and chill out. Note: It is greatest if in case you have tape for shamanic journeying drumming (which can clean the transition into expanded states of consciousness). In the creativeness, the launch-pad into multi-dimensional notion, go to a spot the place you’ll be able to visualise, understand, or sense being within the open panorama. Sense being absolutely on this place, expertise your ft on the bottom and the bottom pushing up towards the soles of your ft, expertise the air and the wind in your face, turn out to be absolutely current on this panorama, and when prepared look as much as the sky the place the solar might be, with the query firmly in your thoughts, ask the solar to point out you the situation or whereabouts of what it’s you’re looking for. Typically a specific sunbeam will both shine brightly or seize your consideration in a method or one other, comply with this beam of daylight, you might even expertise your self flying over the panorama, and the place this particular sunbeam touches the bottom, that’s the place the situation is. When you recognise the situation, and may correlate it to an precise bodily place, it’s then time to return. So flip round and return to the place the place you began from, and when you have got returned, gently really feel your self again within the bodily world, and gently open your eyes.

Remembering the second precept of belief, verify the knowledge out, attempt to get verification of the validity of the journey, carry on doing this till you might have developed belief and the arrogance will then comply with.

Shamanic Trance Postures.

Another type of particular methods is the physique of labor referred to as Shamanic Trance Postures. They take the type of sure exact bodily postures. These postures are gateways to an altered state of consciousness, and visionary experiences. This physique of data originates from historic civilisations and lots of indigenous cultures all through the world. Rediscovered within the 1970’s by the famend anthropologist Felicitas Goodman, these postures are a bit of dwelling historical past from our heritage of religious custom.

It includes holding non-strenuous, however exact bodily positions along with an accompanying rhythmic sound eg. Shamanic drumming or rattling. There are quite a few particular postures for divinatory functions, for instance the Nupe individuals in sub-Saharan Africa, use these ritual postures, and within the one which their divinatory shamans work with provides the expertise of detachment and a dispassionate persepective of the query.

An Exercise – Nupe Divination Posture

Once once more meditate or focus in your query, as with this work it actually helps if the query is sharp, no ‘ifs’, ‘shoulds’ , ‘however’ and so forth, get your query as razor honed as potential.

Sit on the ground, leaning towards your left and supported by your left arm. Hold your left arm inflexible, together with your hand at a proper angle to your physique. Place your left hand at a spot three to 5 inches to the left of your physique and simply behind a straight line drawn alongside the again of your buttocks. Bend each legs on the knees with each ft pointing to the correct, positioned in order that your left foot is resting simply to the left of your proper knee. Place your proper hand in your decrease left leg, the place the muscle indents about midway down your calf. Move your head barely to the left, so you’re looking over your left knee, and shut your eyes.

If potential take heed to a shamanic drumming or rattling tape, as this can improve the visionary potential and makes the expertise smoother, and extra highly effective. Allow the visionary imagery , or simply easy ‘understanding’ to happen, when you’ve got a way of a solution (even when you don’t perceive it rationally) simply gently launch your self from the posture, and are available again absolutely into the current. If a solution just isn’t instantly understood, incubate it, play with it, draw or paint it, that is necessary as the reply is just not all the time addressed to the rational thoughts. Being with the imagery or imaginative and prescient will typically result in a deep and profound revelation.

To conclude there are various different methods of divination in shamanism many which underlie well-known practices eg; divination with quartz crystals, casting of objects, Scrying.

As the Tungus shamans of Siberia say “we’re all related, we’re all one”. So is it no marvel that we will uncover ourselves by means of the pure world.


Source by Howard G Charing