Shamanic Rock Divination


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The classes of quantum physics and its new child on the block, holographic concept, are that each one issues are intimately related by way of the power that infuses the universe and all it accommodates. According to our scientists, the truth is, ninety% of the universe is unknown, in that we sometimes solely see 10% of the truth we subscribe to, whereas N/10ths of it stays invisible to us. Science calls it ‘darkish matter’, however truly this ‘silent majority’ of the universe – this lacking ninety% – is ‘darkish’ (i.e. immeasurable) power, not matter in any respect. It is that this, the huge ghostly echoes of primal power, sweeping by way of the cosmos into the world of humankind, that unites us, not the fabric issues round us.

Quantum concept tells us that point and area don’t exist – every part is happening right here, now. Giving area-time coordinates to occasions is a human conceit to attempt to set up scientific order over a universe that’s principally unseen and presumed to be out of our management. If the whole lot takes place within the right here and now, nevertheless, then all issues could be modified and even the longer term reversed via an act of energy taken within the current to change the power that surrounds the occasions of our lives. In scientific terminology, this is called the ‘observer have an effect on’. It signifies that within the quantum universe, even the act of giving your consideration to one thing modifications its nature at a subatomic degree.

What has this received to do with rock divination? Quite lots truly. Because, if our scientists are proper, then the solutions to the secrets and techniques of the universe are inherent in all issues – even a rock – and nature will reveal herself in an infinite variety of methods if we solely look to her for solutions.

These findings of recent physics have come as a shock to scientists, who’ve solely recognized concerning the quantum actuality of the universe for one hundred years or so, however it’s completely no shock to conventional societies, who’ve labored with the powers of nature for no less than forty,000 years. Indeed, current archaeological findings from the Rift Valley in Africa, recommend that human beings have recognized about this energetic circulate of data from the universe because the daybreak of consciousness, four hundred,000 years in the past, when proto-people walked the earth and trendy science was not even the dream of a visionary. Finds from the Valley reveal ritual objects utilized in shamanic ceremonies to hyperlink man with nature and thereby entry her secrets and techniques in a approach that trendy diviners would additionally recognise.

Shamanic cultures, not simply in Africa, have all the time used divination in extremely sensible methods – to find out the way to forestall or remedy sickness, for instance, or to see which approach the hunters ought to set out with a purpose to keep away from enemies and discover meals. These have been life and dying expertise for individuals who couldn’t simply get right into a automotive and go to the native hospital or grocery store – and the shamans of those tribes subsequently turned adept at utilizing divination to make sure the survival of the communities they served.

One of the most effective-recognized strategies of divination, utilizing the weather of the pure world, is the stone gazing strategy of the Lakota Sioux. The drugs man used a stone concerning the measurement of his palm, which had at the very least 4 sides or faces. Even the act of discovering the stone was executed in a reverential and sacred method, within the recognition that each one issues are alive, sentient, conscious, and supply themselves to us out of friendship and a want to assist. The Sioux themselves have an expression which sums up the right relationship of human beings to ‘the stone individuals’ and different pure allies: mitakuye oyasin – they’re ‘all my relations’.

Having drummed or danced or chanted his means right into a quiet and reflective meditative state, the drugs man would then flip the rock to one of many faces and maintain in thoughts a query that he or his individuals wanted a solution to. ‘Why, Who, What, How, When, Where?’ questions have been all high-quality; people who required a easy ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ reply have been considerably harder because the otherworld, the formless net of power that we now name holographic, doesn’t function in the identical approach as human beings and polarities similar to ‘Yes/No, Light/Dark, Right/Wrong’ are human constructs by which a non-judgemental universe doesn’t function.

The diviner would look to the primary face of the rock and ‘dream into’ it till 4 symbols revealed themselves to him. These may be something. He may even see timber or birds or clouds, for instance, rising from the rock as form and shadows inside the contours of stone. These 4 symbols can be famous and he would then transfer on to the subsequent face till all the sides had given him 4 items of data on this approach.

His subsequent step can be to journey into the symbols, making himself a ‘hole bone’ for the knowledge they contained, in order that his creativeness was allowed free reign and the rational thoughts, with its tendency to intrude and over-analyse, was subdued. Through this intuitive hyperlink to the stone, every image would reveal its objective and supply extra detailed info in reply to the questions requested of it. Finally, the drugs man would mix all sixteen items of data so that a full overview of the state of affairs emerged and his query was answered absolutely. Typically, this abstract would inform him why and the way the issue had arisen for his tribe (maybe the breaking of a taboo or a failure to watch correct rituals), the doubtless end result if the power of this example was not modified, what could possibly be achieved to resolve it, and the way issues may then look. He was then capable of talk this info to his individuals. Finally, the stone can be returned to the place the place it was discovered and the ritual of divination can be closed.

Although this type of divination is well-known, using stones in similar to method is way from distinctive to the Sioux. In reality, we all know of comparable methods in our European historical past, utilizing rune stones to foresee future occasions and the way they may be manipulated to offer us a greater, more healthy, consequence.

Each rune accommodates info that a sorcerer has initially ‘dreamed’ in a imaginative and prescient and every is subsequently a gateway to the spirit world. How the stones land when forged, and the pictures they reveal from their image-carved faces is interpreted by the diviner utilizing his artistic creativeness in reference to the rune symbols. By seeing how the stones are unfold, whether or not upright or inverted, entrance on or with the face of the stone to the earth, an enormous quantity of data is revealed which shall be pertinent to the query requested. Decisions can then be taken on future actions with a purpose to make the perfect of the cosmic patterns which might be affecting that individual’s life.

Both of those methods, then, are about understanding what the longer term holds in order that extra decisions can be found as to the way to cope with coming occasions. Some cultures have gone additional than this, nevertheless.

Realising – lengthy earlier than the discoveries of quantum physics – that each one ‘issues’ are actually one factor, the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm, the shamans of Tuva had a fairly totally different approach of utilizing stones of their divinatory practices. They would use them to truly change the longer term, not simply divine its essence.

In their strategy, forty nine small stones are used. Sometimes these are pebbles from the mattress of a river; typically they’re gallstones taken from a slaughtered hen, that are thought-about most sacred.

The shaman begins by casting the stones in reply to his shopper’s query or drawback. The divination itself is complicated due to the sheer variety of stones and the patterns that may be made. To a educated eye, nevertheless, the totally different clusters and strings of stones every symbolize a previous, current, or future state of affairs, a development which continues in that individual’s life and an end result which is inevitable until the dynamics of that life are modified.

This is the place the Tuvan strategy differs from the others, for the shaman is conscious that there’s a relationship between all issues and that the stones are greater than only a reflection of his shopper’s life; they’re his life. By altering the sample of the stones, it’s subsequently potential to vary the sample of his shopper’s life, and so instantly have an effect on the result of the issues he’s dealing with.

To put this into a contemporary context, you may go to a diviner to find whether or not your software for a brand new dream job shall be profitable. The stones, nevertheless, might present that you don’t get appointed to the job you need. The shaman, figuring out that you simply actually need this place, is ready to discern from the sample of stones which elements – which stones precisely – are answerable for your rejection. He can then change the configuration of stones or take away the 2 or three which can trigger you to fail, and this might be mirrored in a change of life circumstances. You will get the job.

Such issues are attainable as a result of, within the quantum universe, it’s the power that infuses us that connects us to all issues. Time and area are a fable – every little thing is part of the whole lot else – and occasions in your life can subsequently be modified by altering the power of one thing that represents that life: the stones. And modifications in a single space mechanically imply modifications in one other.

Quantum physics is merely footnotes to cave work by historic sorcerers. How lengthy earlier than our scientists additionally begin listening to the message from stones?


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