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Intercourse and sexuality play a big half in lots of religions. Myths are derived from intercourse based mostly historic myths. As an example, within the Dianic fable, Diana falls in love together with her picture and makes like to herself. From this, she provides delivery to a son, and her brother Lucifer. Lucifer is her different half, and she or he falls in love with him, chasing him throughout the universe, pinning for him to make like to her. In Greek mythology, Gaia provides delivery to the ocean (Pontus) and the sky (Uranus). She achieves this parthenogenetically (with out male intervention). Gaia took Uranus as her son and from him, she gave start to the twelve titans, six males and 6 females. From them the Gods of Olympus happened there of the Greek mythology. Inside many circles, the Nice Ceremony is carried out, both symbolically with an athame and a chalice, or truly between the Excessive Priest and the Excessive Priestess (or the provoke and Excessive Priest / ess).

Intercourse may also be used to boost energy inside the circle / group. Energy is raised in order that it may be drawn upon anytime via the ritual to assist within the spells / ritual being carried out. Intercourse between consenting adults, or solo masturbation can be utilized. Intercourse between two or extra individuals needn’t be heterosexual, as sexual intercourse might be simply as highly effective. For a lady, the time of menstruation is her strongest time, and performing intercourse magic presently might be stronger than at another time. When you favor to not be penetrated, mutual masturbation works simply as properly, so long as the orgasm is achieved. Alternately, it may be carried out throughout your most fertile, the peak of ovulation. In case your interval is common, 28 day cycle, then this may be round 2 weeks after the primary day of your final interval (or in case you are in rhythm with the Moon's cycles, then this could fall on the Full Moon – doubly as highly effective! ). However keep in mind, that is additionally the time that being pregnant also can happen, so until you do need to get pregnant, just remember to use condoms.


In case you are performing this by your self, then perhaps one of the best place for privateness and luxury can be your bed room. Arrange your circle round your mattress, and place candles across the room. Make certain the room is good and clear, and that you simply bathe simply earlier than hand to maintain you good and clear and pure. Arrange your altar in entrance of your mattress, and even in your mattress, dealing with the North (the place of fiery ardour and of will). Place blankets and delicate cushions across the room and in your mattress, to make it as lovely and as snug as potential. If you end up prepared, be wearing your pyjamas, and even simply skyclad / bare.

For couples (or teams), the lounge can be greatest. The bed room is just not such a fantastic concept, since you are more than likely to finish up in a love making session. Arrange the altar within the North. Place a number of cushions and blankets round on the ground (or use a chair if there is no room). It will even be very best that the ground was carpeted (are you able to picture how chilly and exhausting tiles can be ?!). Have the circle marked out with candles, as this might make the setting far more nicer. Everybody might want to bathe and be skyclad / bare or wearing your robes (or, for those who choose, pyjamas!)

Joined Magic

Forged the circle, name the quarters and name up the Goddess and God (or your patron, or any specific God / Spirit that may assist you).

Solo: Get undressed and sit in entrance of your altar. Begin occupied with why your are performing this magic for, and keep the picture of what you need to occur in your head by means of the ritual. Take your time and actually see it clear in your head. Begin to contact your self and let your self understand how particular and fantastic you’re. Then start to masturbate. For the women, it’d by greatest to lie down at this stage. Take your time and slowly construct as much as the orgasm. Upon getting orgasm, see the power shoot by way of your coronary heart and sacral charka, into the circle. See it buzzing and filling the circle with energy. Now, you’ll be able to both use that for performing the remainder of the ritual, or direct it into an object resembling an amulet, talisman, or candle.

Companions: Get undressed and set your self up in entrance of the altar. In case you are utilizing a chair, the male sits on the chair and the feminine can sit on prime of him, dealing with him. Gay couples (and teams bigger than two) will profit from sitting on the ground. As earlier than, begin desirous about why your are performing this magic for, and keep the picture of what you need to occur in your head by means of the ritual, taking the time to see it actually clear in your head. As soon as you’re prepared, begin to fondle one another and switch one another on. One factor to recollect is to know that this isn’t a love making session, and check out not to think about how sexy you make one another really feel (although that may assist), however to think about the power you’re transmitting. For homosexuals, it might be simpler to carry out mutual masturbation. Additionally, attempt to attain climax on the similar time. If you do, ensure you each consider the identical finish level, and that it will get delivered out out of your sacral and coronary heart charkas into the circle. When orgasmic, it’s also possible to look into every others eyes for a 'mirroring' impact. When you’ve got completed, proceed on as earlier than.

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Disclaimer: Though intercourse may be lovely to not point out highly effective, be aware that taking possession of your actions is necessary. Please talk about the extra carnal subjects comparable to contradiction if the potential for being pregnant isn’t mutual; and sexual well being safety of not transmitting or receiving sexually transmitted illnesses. Moreover, make it possible for if in a monogamous relationship you are ready to cope with the perils of your companion discovering out about your sexual relations with somebody aside from she or he. In case you are sure with the above points involving elevating energy by way of intercourse then you might need to think about masturbation as an general safer technique. And keep in mind intercourse ought to be between mature consensual adults. Intercourse Magic shouldn’t be for everybody, and like something – know your associate … on this case spiritually as nicely.

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