Runes – The origin and purpose behind the ancient symbols and alphabet


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Ask six rune specialists ‘ Where did the runes originate from ?’ and you’ll in all probability get S totally different solutions. There are totally different variations of runes for every tradition and period they appeared to return from. One individual advised me they got here from the vikings, one other stated they originated from the druids, yet one more stated they got here from aliens, every individual was critical and thought that they had the right origins of the runes, how can everybody have a special reply about them ? The reply seems to be ‘ time ‘, through the years people have made up so many tales concerning the runes that no one is aware of the true origin of them. The very identify ‘ rune ‘, is a phrase derived from the Gothic phrase ‘ runa ‘, which suggests “thriller.”

One of the oldest and first recorded makes use of of runes got here from German tribes in central and Eastern Europe, these early makes use of of runes present that they weren’t even meant to be a language for on a regular basis speech, however have been used as a symbolic alphabet system. Each rune letter or form had it is personal sound, and which means, actually every rune represented a deity or so referred to as God, that gave it it is particular energy. People of previous believed that by carving runes into their private property or different gadgets, the God or deity over that rune would shield the merchandise, they even believed that a sword might be made extra highly effective to be used in battle by carving runes into it.

There are a minimum of S several types of runes or rune alphabets that people use or dabble with immediately, and every rune alphabet is supposedly the right set to make use of, for those who ask the person who makes use of them. Runes maintain no extra particular which means than any symbols, drawings or sigils do, until you will have a perception that they’re magical and can it, they’re nothing extra then drawing a circle or a sq. and giving them particular meanings. For occasion if I was round a whole lot of years in the past, I may of appeared in the direction of the solar within the sky after which drawn or carved a circle on a stone or piece of wooden, to me it meant the facility of the mighty glowing circle of fireside within the sky, to another person years later that found my circle carved into the stone, they could assume that circle represented a wheel, eye, moon, or only a plain circle. Each individual makes use of runes for their very own functions and every individual appears to offer them their very own meanings.

In historic Europe plenty of adults appeared to do wooden carvings, in truth it was a prized talent handed down from one member of the family to a different. An alphabet was wanted that would simply be carved or scratched into the wooden utilized by the carvers, runes have been good for this since they include principally straight strains linked collectively. Most makes use of of runes have been nothing greater than markers symbolizing ones trademark, or possession of an merchandise. Later they have been altered and extra symbols have been added because the earth’s inhabitants grew and it is linguistic expertise required extra rune symbols and meanings.

Runes have been and are written alternative ways by totally different people, some are written left to proper, others are written proper to left, or as much as down, this once more exhibits you that runes maintain totally different meanings to totally different individuals.

Now days lots of people assume the runes have been used for magic or things like divination and fortune telling, this once more relies upon upon the one that reads such meanings into the runes. Years again when the Christian religion was adopted by Europe, using the runes fell they usually have been changed by the extra trendy Roman/Latin Alphabet, in truth one letter of the latin alphabet even include an earlier rune image as a part of it is language.

Years later as Christianity unfold, use of the runes dropped, Church leaders didn’t perceive their meanings and symbols, in order that they thought-about them evil or from the satan, this considering has lasted even to as we speak, and it’s the foundation for the considering of recent occultists, druids and new-agers that the runes are magical and can be utilized in ceremonies or rituals. Even Hitler in his perverted considering, used symbols of the rune alphabets within the nazi army insignia to supposedly give his military extra energy, this in fact proved silly because the nazi regime was crushed by different army forces.

But nonetheless many people like utilizing runes right now as a result of they’re an historic merchandise, they maintain mystique and even occult powers to some people. I say use them for enjoyable, do not attempt utilizing them for fortune telling or spell casting, all that stuff is clearly towards the true supply of energy, the facility of God and his son Jesus Christ. In reality to point out you the weak spot of runes for prophecy, trendy runes include a clean rune, this clean rune symbolizes the Unknowable, would not you assume that an awesome supply of data or energy would know all ? Again, look to the Bible and Jesus Christ in your future, it’s the solely ebook of prophecy that has been and can proceed to be, one hundred% correct.

Some of the widespread runes used nonetheless right now, are: ‘ Elder Futhark ‘,’ Younger Futhark ‘,’ Anglo-Saxon Futhorc ‘,’ Robert’s Runes ‘, the later ‘ Robert’s Runes, has turn into extremely popular, as it’s the solely model of the runes that features a full english alphabetic translation, which makes writing any english textual content in runes potential. Robert’s Runes are additionally out there as a ‘ True Type Font ‘ to be used on any WINDOWS based mostly pc. ‘ Robert’s Rune Fonts ‘, might be downloaded without spending a dime at this web site handle: program/rrunesf.html

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