Religion, Witchcraft and Sex


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The phrase witch derives from an historic variant of Willow tree.The willow was the tree of the triple moon goddess (maiden, ladies, & hag). Willow worshipers (witches) have been advised to posses supernatural powers of divination. They have been usually related to venerating the Satan at nocturnal orgies. Witchcraft is a weird artwork that has been proactive from immemorial occasions. The essence of this craft is man inane want to own further powers to both strengthen his youth or life. The epitome of that is the mystique of intercourse that’s intently interwoven with witchcraft. Why intercourse? As Hegel and Adler have written, intercourse is prime ordeal pressure and the chic that everybody craves for. It doesn’t die with previous age or infirmness although one can crave and never have the ability to carry out. At this stage sexual achievement can solely be extended by the black arts and its supreme the Satan. That is in sharp distinction to the spiritual doctrine which usually shuns intercourse. If God represents this doctrine than its antithesis the Satan representations sensual pleasure of which intercourse and and all its variations are the primary physique.

The primary stage of this artwork is the initiation and the ceremony concerned with it. Initiation ceremonies are held the world over and differ from place to put. In England native initiation conferences have been often held as soon as every week; however the "Sabbath of the Witches" held 4 occasions a yr and often on Thursday was crucial of the gatherings, when a big no believers can be admitted to the fold. The individual or Satan underneath whose superintendence it functioned was known as Beelzebub, Devil or Lucifer. The individuals who instituted this assembly referred to as it the Covenant. And to all such members of the Covenant, the presiding individual represented the GOD. He was worshiped and the best present a disciple or an individual being initiated might give, was his or her physique to the satan. In different phrases the satan would copy with the individual and the individual would obtain the seed of the satan. This was and stays a serious a part of the initiative ceremony. So robust certainly was the covens perception in his energy and a lot was he conscious, that the witches (individuals attending the coven) devoted their our bodies and in addition of their daughters if any to the Satan ,. The ritual was in early occasions fairly queer, although by trendy requirements not all that weird. The ceremony would begin with Satan undressing him in entrance of the gathering after which would put on an extended unfastened gown. A woman who needed to be directed into the cult can be led to altar within the middle of the room and laid on a raised platform. The Satan or the presiding deity would undress the woman in entrance of the congregation. She can be requested sure questions as to her willingness to be the Satan's disciple and if she was able to obtain the seed of the satan. On her affirmative reply the ceremony would proceed additional.

The Satan would then start the ultimate half which was once more performed earlier than the viewers because the 'Satan' would place himself for the "Coup de Primary", an entry into the initiators physique. The person would mate with the lady by making loud cries as if simulating the Satan. If the woman conceived the youngsters have been thought-about the Devils progeny and develop up "within the service". After the Satan had partaken of the lady she was stored on the altar and provided to different covens that additionally had intercourse together with her. Actually this ceremony is superbly depicted in Roman Polanski in his movie "Rosemary's Child". In England such ceremonies are nonetheless in existence and function a supply of utmost sexual gratification.

Even in New Guiana within the Dutch East Indies it was fairly widespread to make like to the lady being initiated by a robust stud from the gathering, proper out within the open air. As soon as in each 7 years there can be, what was referred to as "Nice Sabbath", at which all covens of a large district would congregate, and custom has it that on that event the Chief Witch or 'Satan "would sacrifice a younger virgin after she had been deflowered and had mated with the Satan and his apostles. Fortunately that is now obsolese, however in some primitive cultures in India and Africa continues to be in vogue.

The precise initiation ceremony into the mysteries of witchcraft should have been an thrilling expertise. The aspirant to membership, after being duly advisable, must be launched; and the way of introduction can be stored secret till the precise occasion. Earlier than the assembled covens there can be a renouncement on the a part of the candidate of any former religion after which the individual would give his or her physique to the Satan. After the reception the candidate can be baptized with a brand new identify corresponding to "Thief of Heaven" and so forth. The initiation ceremonies are an necessary a part of the ritual of the black arts. Nothing may be full until one provides his or her physique to the "Satan". Additionally if there’s a betrayal of confidence on the a part of the member, then retribution is swift, typically with an iron rod.

There are additionally Demons, fiends and Specters often known as Succubus and Incubus. Incubus is meant to be a lascivious demon who seems to a lady at night time and ravishes her physique. Whereas Succubus was considerably comparable Demon possessed of the facility of assuming the type of a lady. That is itself a worldwide phenomenon and is continued in trendy occasions. Taylor in his work 'Primitive Tradition (1873) says that these female and male nocturnal demons which consort lasciviously with women and men are certainly a reality. Within the Islands of West Indies there are Ghosts of the lifeless, vanishing when clutched at. In New Zealand ancestral deities type attachment with females, paying them repeated visits. Within the Samoan islands such intercourse with inferior Gods was believed to result in supernatural conception. In Hindu Tantra formal rites are specified which allow a person to acquire a companion nymph by worshiping at night time in any burial place. One of many points of witchcraft is the continuation of pagan ritual for fertility for barren ladies. In actual phrases it’s little greater than absolute perception within the divine energy of Devil. Many a barren lady has resented to such rites for herself. However intercourse is the last word path within the Devils armor and results in him. Like prayer results in God.

The sexual act is understood to launch power and is seemed down by all religions, however for the Satan who’s the Anti-thesis of God and goodness it’s an important ritual. Maybe this power launched in a sexual union does have one thing to do with black arts.

In Europe nocturnal intercourse with Incubi and Succubi are carried out in full religion by ecclesiastics and legal professionals; practices and witches.

These days the a part of Incubus is often performed by the chief of witches Coven, in disguise and typically in semi-darkness to intensify the facility and impact of the occult.

Bram Stoker in his well-known work "Rely Dracula" has vividly portrayed one other side of witchcraft. On this type a vampire (often a person who stays alive after dying with the assistance of sorcery) to stay 'alive' must have intercourse with a feminine and a lady vice versa ie, cohabit with a person, with a peculiar ritual that makes such creatures stay on by consuming the blood of their victims.

Like in prayer one provides himself as much as God, so on this case additionally there’s a voluntary private give up of ones will and physique to the Satan; after which just one can get one thing in return. The immortal story of Dr Faustus and the promoting of his soul to the Satan in return for the immortal love of Helen, probably the most lovely lady in historical past is a tragic instance of this. Once more the elemental driving pressure for Dr. Faustus was intercourse and he craved of it with Helen.

Right here we might conclude that one of many important components of sorcery, witchcraft and black magic is the sexual act. Mans want for the chic pleasure of intercourse will make sure that the Black arts together with witchcraft will survive all the time to return.


Source by Madan G Singh