Plant Spirit Shamanism: Divining With Coca


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The Incas regarded coca because the divine plant, primarily due to its potential to impart endurance, and its use was entwined with each facet of life, artwork, mythology, and the financial system of the Incan Empire.

Millions have chewed coca each day and the apply has continued for lots of of years. It continues as a customized, not as a result of coca (the idea for cocaine) is a ‘behavior drug’, however as a result of it is part of Andean tradition. Even at this time, distances are measured in cocadas – how far a load might be carried beneath the stimulus of 1 chew of coca.

Andeans chew coca simply as they do every little thing else: ritually, intentionally, and systematically. A mouthful of leaves is rigorously chosen from an exquisitely woven coca bag or chuspa and lliptia is chewed with the leaves to liberate their lively elements.

But the ceremony which actually brings out the spirit within the leaves is coca divination. Doris Rivera Lenz is an Andean curandera (shaman) who’s professional in its follow. In the next interview, she presents insights into the character of therapeutic and sickness, and the position of plant spirit drugs on this.

What is coca divination?
It is assembly with the spirit of the component that you’re working with, whether or not it’s coca, maize or a mountain. In the case of coca, you meet the mom spirit, soul or energy of the plant, which is the sacred half which by no means dies.

The practitioner have to be in complete communication: spirit-to-spirit. It is extra like listening to the coca leaves than studying them. It is a better state of consciousness. You should be ready to combine your self spiritually to assist one other spirit.

Human beings are sacred cosmic seeds in evolution. The coca is a sacred seed like us, solely of the vegetable kingdom. It has been created by the Earth to information and heal its youthful brothers: ourselves. Similarly we now have been created to assist different individuals. As we grow to be extra open, we uncover crops like coca. Not everyone sees the spirit of coca, however it’s right here to assist us.

What is the reason for illness, and the way is it cured by the spirit of the crops?
Illnesses don’t exist. We create them with our minds in accordance with our attitudes and the issues we do. Resentment, for instance, causes most cancers. A lady whose ovaries are unwell [with cancer] could also be resentful and [so] suffers trauma. People who don’t have the liberty to precise their emotions endure from throat issues, and so forth.

So how can we heal them? First we have to take a look at them by means of the coca leaves, to know what has occurred. Why are they resentful, fearful, or anxious? What is inflicting their issues? Difficulties present outdoors our our bodies, similar to a theft, disillusionment, or being lied to, have an effect on us as a result of we’re predisposed to have this ache. Such individuals get ailing as a result of they don’t seem to be in equilibrium with themselves. The coca exhibits when and the way this started; it tells the story of how they obtained unwell.

Human beings are all the time predisposed by their attitudes. This is why you could know their story. Someone who has a superiority complicated or is aggressive and violent is on a downward spiral. They are weakened of their coronary heart, abdomen, and photo voltaic plexus: the ñawi or naira [the Andean equivalent of chacras] the place emotional attitudes are held. In the Andes, individuals will ceaselessly contemplate an aching abdomen to have been brought on by sorrow.

A one that harbours feeling of hate might really feel completely properly for a time however issues with their youngsters, their husband, or lack of cash, intensify their feelings which degenerates their physique on a mobile degree. So they create their sickness as a result of they’re already out of equilibrium.

Can you clarify the idea of the ñawi and the way it pertains to sickness?
In Quechua it’s ñawi, or in Aymara, naira. It means ‘eye’, or power centre of the physique, however chacra can also be a quite common phrase in Peru, and is Quechua for a bit of cultivated land or subject. I consider it has the identical linguistic root because the Hindu ‘chacra’. Just as some fields have plenty of stones, and others are very fertile, so our our bodies, additionally a part of nature, are comparable.

Less than a era in the past, individuals would make choices earlier than getting ready their fields for sowing. They would chew coca leaves, drink chicha or maize beer, and even play music – an entire ceremony. The historic healers or shamans would give floral or smoke baths to individuals, curing them of sicknesses, fright and so forth – the ‘well being’ of the land and the individuals have been handled as interrelated.

People recognized themselves with their fields and with nature. So when I take away unfavourable feelings from an individual, it’s like I am eradicating weeds from their chacra/subject.

When they’re feeling determined, the individuals of the Andes profit from going to a wild place or some ruins, to scream and shout in order that even the mountains will hear. They align with pure forces; this places them again into equilibrium.

So, do individuals come to you for coca divination as a result of they’re unwell? Is it greater than ‘divination’ as we might perceive it within the West?
The majority are unwell of their spirit or thoughts; there are many issues at the moment. They are notably bothered within the abdomen, the place of emotional ache, and in addition the place we’re joined to life.

The very first thing is to find what’s going on: the spouse had an accident, the husband was untrue, they have not obtained a job, the home is falling down… Then I look to see their capability to simply accept criticism, to take heed to the mom leaf ticking them off saying: ‘You have accomplished this, you’re insecure, weak, a drunk, or a prostitute’. What is the story? Is it karmic – or one thing they’re doing?

That feels like a psychological strategy – what individuals are doing to themselves. How do you make sense of the assumption that some issues are brought on by sorcery?
I present the person who he isn’t the sufferer of sorcery and is creating the issue in his thoughts. Talking about it brings it out and is the primary a part of turning into properly once more.

It is true that some individuals will take vengeance by way of black magic once they really feel prejudiced or offended ultimately, as a result of they’re sick. When individuals assume they’ve energy and really feel superior, the ego can grow to be very adverse. The very first thing I do is to get up the consciousness of the one that has been harmed and inform them that evil doesn’t exist! ‘You are inventing it’, I inform them. I want to make use of a little bit of psychology.

Black magic doesn’t exist then?
Neither good nor dangerous exists; it’s a universe, and we create the great and the dangerous. But I recognise that the individual might really feel attacked. When somebody falls unwell it means they’re weak and the curandero [an Andean plant healer] should converse positively and encourage them to shine mild on it. Then they will create constructive ideas for themselves. If I agree with them and say they’re bewitched it makes them worse.

But do you consider that black magic can exist?
Of course, however the act itself isn’t so highly effective as white magic. It is the destructive spirit of the black brujo [sorcerer] which creates the facility of the spell. If you pay money for a hen and take off its feathers, put a toad inside, and grasp it within the doorway of a hated neighbour [An Andean form of cursing], you may give them a nasty fright, however with no highly effective unfavorable spirit nothing will occur. But if the intentions are very adverse and the individual is weak, they may decide it up shortly.

The strongest brujos are discovered within the jungle the place there are highly effective crops for therapeutic, simply as there are harmful crops that may paralyse your physique and so forth. But crops have far more knowledge than individuals. Do you assume that if I go to a floripondio [a shaman who works with flowers] and say ‘I need assist to do hurt to so and so’, that their crops will routinely be at my disposal? No! You should make a pact with the spirit.

Do individuals have to consider that your ceremony has accomplished one thing to ensure that it to work?
When individuals belief that you’re a white curandero they open up. You have particular permission to enter their soul and work with suggestion. Let’s say you give them a shower in a herb with spines, and also you ask permission from the spirit of that plant to heal the individual with fright or a nasty spell – you bathe them, you set them on a food regimen, you cleanse them and purify them. You name their soul and provides them power they usually get nicely.

What is totally different about individuals from the West? What do they want?
Their heads slicing off! No, its solely a joke! Their faith has failed them, the church authorities have stored vested pursuits and establishments going. Eventually individuals have thrown the child out with the bathtub water. We are Gods and we should always consider in ourselves first.

All Gods come via nature. But what has turn into of Western faith? Materialism, lack of id, lack of customs. There is a lot wrestle as we speak. People are not interested by nature, however about cash and the assistance they want. They have grow to be utterly insecure. Imagine if we went to stay in nature once more, surrounded by mountains, or within the rainforest, how far more therapeutic it will be.

Yet the tendency in the present day is for everyone to need to transfer into the cities, to stay like Americans, construct motorways. It’s unhappy. I’ve hung out with individuals within the Andes. I have seen individuals leaving their conventional garments and customs. They say ‘Why do you consider within the Earth, the Sun, the puma and the condor’? They go to the town and see a TV and assume, ‘What a stupendous TV!’ They promote their llamas and purchase one. I am unhappy to see their youngsters, who’re so pure, being contaminated on this method.

They study adverse habits and are hypnotized, and not need to work their land. It actually hurts in my soul to see them obsessing about dollars and forgetting their energy. This lack of values for materials issues is occurring so quick, its unimaginable! But it is the Western affect which has been working over 500 years.

People will get a nasty shock from seeing the growing modifications and pure disasters on the Earth and we can be shocked into altering.

Desperation will present the need of affection. Who will need to do hurt when cash and materials issues have turn into ineffective? We will come again to a brand new sort of group consciousness. We are starting to anticipate this and turning into extra acutely aware, however we’re swerving about. There is a lot knowledge in nature, she rears us like her youngsters, teaches us to ask permission, to look after her like ourselves.


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