Palm Reading: Divine Truth or Mortal Fraud?

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HISTORY has it that human beings have all the time had a craving to foresee what lies forward.

And so we’re very accustomed to the picture of a gypsy lady adorned with exaggerated equipment the place on her [alms are playing cards with totally different pictures.

In eras previous, individuals won’t embark on something with out consulting a fortuneteller. However since science has found so much, divination is not believed by many.Fortune telling started as early as four hundred BC. Historians consider that each tradition had developed its numerous types of soothsaying. In the course of the historic interval, the Greeks had oracles for predicting their future whereas medieval kings had wizards or astrologers to seek the advice of. Extra types advanced as years handed.

Tarot card studying was believed to have originated in China and India. Astrology, which is the divination by way of using heavenly our bodies corresponding to solar, moon and stars, originated and extensively unfold in Egypt.

Numerology, the interpretation of numbers, dates or something that offers with numbers, began in Babylon and Greece. Palmistry is the interpretation or prediction of the longer term by means of trying to one’s palms — its strains, curves and different marks which can create which means. It was confirmed that curiosity of individuals in palmistry started even in the course of the Stone Age.

Within the Philippines, three may be recognized as commonest — the cardboard studying with using enjoying playing cards, using tarot playing cards, and palmistry. If an individual walks via San Pedro St. in Davao Metropolis in entrance the Sanggunian Bldg., one would discover many fortune tellers.

The extra in style amongst them is Kuya Romy who earns P30 for each interpretation of a pair of palms. He claims to have been despatched by God to share his information and to assist individuals see their future. He makes use of Bible verses to defend his ardour for fortune telling, like what’s present in Proverbs 2:2-6, which he quotes: “Ang kaalam usab makahimo sa imong kinabuhi nga anindot ug maoy magtultol kanimo sa tibuok kinabuhi aron dili ka maunsa (Knowledge is what is going to make your life lovely and lead you all through your life so you’ll not go flawed).”

A verify with the Bible exhibits the verses learn: “So that you simply incline your ear to knowledge, And apply your coronary heart to understanding; Sure, in the event you cry out for discernment, and carry up your voice for understanding, When you search her as silver, And seek for her as for hidden treasures; Then you’ll perceive the worry of the LORD, And discover the information of God. For the LORD provides knowledge; From His mouth come information and understanding…”

Individuals from totally different walks of life “seek the advice of” him by permitting him to interpret not simply their palms however even their goals.

In response to Ronnie Ellizar, certainly one of his clients, he believes in what Kuya Rody stated since he predicted Ronnie’s previous, current’ and future goals. He stated Kuya Rody is ninety nine% correct however he’s unsure whether or not he is coming again or not.

One factor bothered Ronnie. Kuya Rody informed him he’ll meet an accident quickly and refuses to provide extra particulars saying if he needs to know extra, then he has to pay a further P100.

This can be a type of deceit.

One other buyer stated that she was fairly hesitant in believing a few of his divinations particularly concerning the future. As well as, she stated Kuya Rody was solely 60% correct. However she provides, the best way he talks and delivers his message are properly organized and delivered so easily, it helps in making some individuals consider in his soothsaying.

Mr. Joey Francis Dalumpines, one other buyer, was disenchanted declared Kuya Rody as bogus. He claimed that Kuya Rody’s hunches have been based mostly on his bodily look and a few have been simply widespread and normal attributes or traits that a lad would have. He stated he would undoubtedly not come again.

Whereas many individuals consider in fortune-telling, the Church doesn’t favor this.

In accordance with Pastor Romeo Jardinel from the Gladiola Missionary Baptist Church, we should always not put our religion in divinations since it might imply that we don’t belief the Lord our God for our future.

One verse he cited may be present in Deuteronomy 18:10-thirteen the place it says, “There shall not be discovered amongst you anybody who burns his son or his daughter as an providing, anybody who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the lifeless, for whoever does this stuff is an abomination to the Lord. And due to these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out earlier than you. You shall be innocent earlier than the Lord your God.”

Even Muslims don’t promote fortune telling. A verse within the Qur’an mentions that these soothsayers deny what their prophet had revealed for them and that those that consider in them won’t be accepted in paradise.

Whereas many individuals nonetheless consider in divination, many have additionally relied and trusted on what God has ready for them.

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