Orgasm Causing Visions – Divine Eroticism and the Orgastic Circulation of Light


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Orgasms inflicting visions was sufficient to get my consideration at an early age. Enochian Sex magick was the title of the primary e-book I ever purchased on the Occult. You might think about that at age fourteen it was fairly spectacular to me. The solely factor was it was approach over my head. I did ultimately determine it out nevertheless it took years and I nonetheless study from it.

There is what is known as Divine Eroticism. This is the place two individuals (ideally who’re ‘in love’) having the ceremony ship each other into visions via orgasms achieved via intercourse. Pretty loopy stuff, however very fascinating so I thought it might make an excellent little article.

The premise is that One individual is concentrated on at a time. Once an evening. Now the male or feminine may be the receiver of those messages whereas the opposite takes down the whole lot with pad and pen. Also retains report from any means essential and what’s agreed upon and obtainable. This individual is in management whereas the opposite is the main target of the Divine Orgasm.

Sex magick is nothing new and has all the time been thought-about as “the meals of the Gods,” or a gateway to a lot larger types of consciousness. In instance, using intercourse as a approach to expertise and talk with pure power or Angels. In 1845 Sir Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee each created what was referred to as Enochian Sex Magick which was the premise and language of this magick. The phrase Enochian means actually “Angelic” or “Angels.”

The course of by which these two males have derived sure information was extraordinarily difficult and extremely detailed. There are symbols and sure sorts of math involving letters and language equivalents. There is a whole language created by the system and the system itself is a method of categorizing and objectifying information in a transparent scientific technique. Anyone conversant in the rudimentary base fundamentals of the Qabalah would have a neater time of translating this technique.

The techniques consists of 19 Calls, or Keys, The Thirty-two Eathers, and the Qabalistic cross. All of this turns into centered round Tantric Sex as a religious lovemaking.

The a method of true commune with Angels, is on this type of trying to regulate power by means of the facility of intercourse. The individuals who have had first hand expertise with this Divine Eroticism state that when you take your absolute worst orgasm from Sex Magick and examine it to your greatest orgasm ever in common(non-intercourse magick) intercourse, and it might nonetheless be like holding a candle to the solar. It simply doesn’t examine and nothing is best.

Trust is a large aspect concerned. It is essential to notice that nobody may be coerced or tricked into this type of factor. Nor can they be paid. The unfavourable power offsets the stability of what’s known as the “Bio-psychos-religious vortex.” This have to be clear and solely the feelings of prepared members can maintain it this manner.

These strategies have been supposedly carried out by the Egyptian individuals as a way of manufacturing ‘Special’ infants. By utilizing these methods and alignments with sure planets would increase the chances of sure qualities that might be naturally bestowed upon the kid. They would predetermine sure traits, attitudes, and personalities of their offspring. So it’s far more than simply orgasms inflicting visions and it appears it actually has been round an extended, very long time.


Source by Jamie Alan