Ophiuchus: The Truth – And the Magic – Behind the "13th Sign"

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Are there actually thirteen indicators within the zodiac now? Do all of us have to get our astrological charts redone?

Relax — it is nonetheless solely 12. But you possibly can forged a therapeutic spell with Ophiuchus, the so-referred to as “thirteenth signal”, which is definitely a constellation that represents Asclepius, the God of drugs.

Setting the zodiac straight

The story that there are abruptly thirteen indicators, quite than 12, is a type of viral half-truths the Internet breeds. Somehow a university astronomy instructor’s routine reply to an area newspaper reporter’s routine query about astrology acquired picked up and quickly re-circulated, then breathlessly reported by the nationwide media as if it have been breaking information.

Trouble is, asking an orthodox astronomer for the details about astrology is like asking a fundamentalist Christian for the information about Wicca. Trained to view Nature “objectively” as one thing altogether separate from Man, most astronomers aggressively reject the interconnected, participatory, “as-with out-so-inside” universe that astrology reveals. The declare that there ought to be thirteen indicators as a result of there are literally thirteen constellations alongside the ecliptic (the Sun’s obvious annual path by way of the sky) is a timeworn tactic astronomers use to assault astrology.

The fact is, nevertheless, that there are solely 12 indicators as a result of the “tropical” zodiac most astrologers use — the identical zodiac you see within the newspaper solar-signal columns — is predicated on the seasons, not the celebs. The Sun all the time enters the signal Aries on the spring equinox, round March 21; three months and three indicators later, it all the time enters the signal Cancer on the summer time solstice, round June 21; and so forth, season by season, across the wheel of the yr. A genuinely neutral scientist ought to acknowledge this 12-fold cycle as a pure harmonic resonance of the Earth’s orbit, strengthened by the Moon’s roughly 12 lunations per yr — in different phrases, a standing-wave in area-time.

In the tropical zodiac, it does not matter what stars the Sun seems to move in entrance of because it enters Aries or some other signal, and it does not matter if these stars seem to vary place over hundreds of years (as they do, because of a phenomenon referred to as the “precession of the equinoxes”). The astrological meanings of the indicators are based mostly on pure elements which have all the things to do with the seasons, the Moon, the Sun, and the opposite planets orbiting alongside us in our native photo voltaic system — however that don’t have anything to do with the far-off stars, or with these artifical stellar groupings referred to as constellations, which coincided with the indicators again when the Greeks devised them however have been steadily slipping aside from their zodiacal namesakes ever since.

Stars, Moon, and magic

That stated, nevertheless, there’s a place in astrology for numerous “sidereal” zodiacs, or indicators which are based mostly on stars and constellations quite than seasons. When you examine how astrologers in India or historic and medieval Europe historically have used such zodiacs, you discover that they tended to emphasise the Moon’s passage in entrance of specific stars and constellations rather more than the Sun’s. Hindu astrology is sidereal as a result of it’s basically based mostly on 27 or 28 “nakshatras,” or “mansions of the Moon” as they’re picturesquely referred to as within the West. These relate to the Moon’s 27.O-day orbit across the Earth (to not be confused with the 29.H-day cycle from new moon to new moon that’s the origin of our 12 calendar months), they usually play a extra important position in sensible Hindu astrology than the 12-signal zodiac.

In the West and, to an extent, in India, these zodiacs of the Moon and stars are, naturally sufficient, strongly related to magic and spells. (See “The Franklin’s Tale” in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales for one colourful medieval instance.)

Asclepius Ophiuchus, the Serpent-bearing healer

As a Witch, I can vouch for a goodly magical use for the “thirteenth signal”. Ophiuchus, which suggests “the Serpent-bearer,” is a illustration of Asclepius, the traditional Greek and Roman God of Healing. He holds a serpent as a result of He would typically seem within the type of a serpent to sick individuals in a dream; and to this present day, His serpent-entwined employees, or “caduceus,” is the usual image for drugs. Traditionally, newly graduated docs swear the Hippocratic oath earlier than Asclepius.

Lady Passion’s and my experiments have proven that if in case you have a troublesome medical drawback and need to obtain a dream during which Asclepius involves you and both diagnoses your ailment or heals it outright — a apply the ancients referred to as “dream incubation” — a very good time to wish to Him is whereas the Moon is passing in entrance of Ophiuchus. This can be when the Moon is at or between S and 26 levels of Sagittarius within the typical, tropical zodiac (seek the advice of any astrological calendar).

We’ve discovered this spell to be simply as efficient and useful because it was when the Greeks first portrayed the God of physicians within the sky. This stands out as the solely Doctor Who nonetheless makes home calls! Complete directions for the spell, together with a standard invocation to Asclepius you possibly can recite, are given in our The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems.

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