On the Nature of Fetches


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I keep in mind when I was first creating the Isisian Codes. I knew I had one thing, and I labored tirelessly in these early days of the Internet to discover a method to talk what was primarily an astrally pushed perception: the problem is to not seem as if one is just too insane even to the purpose of retaining one’s sanity. Many fail. Witness Dee, Crowley, to say two of the extra obviouss, every dying in on the fringes of insanity and deserted by all.

It is not any secret that the Occult world has oft used the instruments of the shaman. Meditation methods, respiration methods, focus methods, and using hallucinogenics oft come into play. This was not a lot totally different for me. I grew up in a time when Christianity was nonetheless a robust and overt energy play on the society. A former highschool instructor slaked in darkness in her personal residence to share “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”.

Jung’s work on archetypes offered an mental purpose to flee from the Christian injected worry of the unknown. The “satan” was certainly, very sly and deceiving, and any delving into the then “Occult” was positive to deliver a wrath. Evil was all over the place, besides the place it was apparent; the Christian mythos might by no means see itself has being the third little pig that devoured the wolf and therefore had turn into likened unto it.

The Occult, in case you are not accustomed to a few of its mechanisms, depends closely on the astral. Hence the oft discussions of “ceremonial magic” and “safety spells”, and “astral beings”, and even the “elemental” or two. What some name “guardian angels”, different view as devoted guides on the souls path.

There is one other identify for these entities. They are referred to as “fetches”.

On the Nature of Fetches

What is the character of a Fetch? Being one, I have all the time recognized, however how does one relate an internal information to an exterior supply? Why, in some ways, that’s what a Fetch does, it seeks that which is required for a continued development of an esoteric nature to profit any given collection of Spiritual Essences. In this manner, in the event you look, you will discover Fetch’s in all places, for with out them, the present world couldn’t exist. Fetch’s are servants to the person, the clan (household), and the volk (group), and when you possibly can see with the imaginative and prescient of a Fetch, there are Fetch’s for Planets, Solar Systems, and even Galaxies.

Fetch’s usually are not of this world, but exist inside it. Their instruments are the symbols that make up the very nature of Archetypes, and may talk by means of goals or, for the extra spiritually attuned, even in a waking state. Sit again and chill out, and for the primary time, The Fetch shall use info from the “world” to elucidate simply what a “Fetch” is. It may come as a shock to lots of you.

Fetch’s may be discovered sprinkled all through Nordic Pagan, Celtic, and Wiccan philosophies, however it’s within the Realm of Asatru that Fetch’s discover their highest diploma of manifestation. Wicca, then again, appears to relagate Fetch’s to probably the most primary of duties. According to “Grace Watchers Ministries”(B) which presents a Dictionary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms, a Fetch is outlined as “A Male witch who acts as a messenger and basic assistant to a Coven’s High Priestess and High Priest.” This place is also called a “Summoner”.

Gardnerian Wicca locations a extra etheric worth to Fetch’s, the place “Summoners” are spoken of in “The Old Laws”, a piece launched in 1961 (P): (…forty)…”It be Ardane that every Coven shall not know the place the subsequent Coven bide, or who its members are, save the Priest and the High Priestess, that there must be no communication between them save by the Messenger of the Gods, or the Summoner.”

Indeed, most of what we study “profane Fetch’s” might be present in Wicca, for right here is the place a Fetch is at it is most humble of representations, and the time period “Summoner” is most frequently used on this manifestation. However, not all traditions of Wicca make use of a Summoner, or a Fetch, however the place these traditions exist, we discover the aim of Fetch’s fairly diversified and central to the operation of the Coven.

In “Wicca one hundred and one”, “Goddess Spirituality one hundred and one: Coven Structure, Section A, A-A “(A) it’s stated that a Summoner is also referred to as “A Puck”, is chargeable for appearing because the personal messenger of the High Priestess, could also be a Priest in coaching or just somebody able to being seen with out arousing suspicion. Equally, he’s often the one one who is aware of the whereabouts of all witches in a Coven excluding maybe the High Priest, and is liable for the mundane issues of the Coven corresponding to contacting Coven members as to approaching conferences, overseeing Coven funds, shopping for ritual provides, coordinating gatherings, and offering mild for the High Priestess and High Priest as wanted through the circle.”

It is claimed within the Celtic ways in which to satisfy one’s Fetch is a really dangerous factor certainly, for a Fetch is your dream double, and should you meet your Fetch, you’re not of this world, however of the world past. In the top, you possibly can by no means keep away from your Fetch, for you possibly can by no means keep away from your destiny.”

If you might have ever had wealthy pictured and sensation goals the place you’re met with a member of the other intercourse or an animal, and in some instances, geometric charged shapes, then likelihood is, you will have had a brush together with your “fetch”.

The fetch is an unbiased type that’s hooked up to the individual although not truly part of the individual, in a way. It can some occasions simply be confused with the fylgja however it’s truly a splintering of the fylgja that’s achieved as a way to accomplish some specific process. It comes usually within the type of an animal or of the other intercourse of the individual it’s hooked up to. It’s function is to help the individual it’s hooked up to in different realms. Most individuals by no means see or have want of their fetch till dying, at which era it’ll usually information them to the after-life. It can and sometimes is handed alongside ancestral strains.

In Nordic Pagan shaman methods, the soul is seen to be divided into constituent elements. Generally, these classifications fall into H main types:

B) The Body,

P) Mind.

A) Soul,

A) Fetch, and

H) Orlaeg.

Western esoteric traditions reminiscent of Masonry sometimes set ahead system based mostly on O elements to the soul: M)Mind, P)Body, and A) Spirit

Fetch’s are equated to Woden or the Letter S in greater methods, and are main dwellers in Asgard. Asgard as an esoteric assemble, and the “Garden of Eden”, are fairly comparable in design and development, therefore to return to “Asgard” or to the “Garden of Eden” might be seen as easy cultural transpositions of a shamanistic actuality.

An nameless writer had this to say relating to Asgard and The Fetch:

Asgard. This is the very best realm of consciousness, that is virtually pure consciousness and so Asgard is a realm of just about pure being. This has been described as a divine state of being. The central corridor of Asgard is dominated by Odhinn the god of inspiration, the God whose very being is the Wode state. This realm pertains to the these elements of the soul generally known as the Wode and in addition that of the Fetch. The Wode is a state of divine inspiration which could be bestowed upon consciousness when the mental schools are introduced into concord. In attaining the Wode state the mental powers open themselves to the most efficient and fertile manifestation of the thoughts, the very best state of being – the state of frenzied inspiration – while the Wode is a precept which is related with Asgard we should additionally recognise that its true house is Midgard or the self – one of many goals of rune work is to deliver the Wode residence – to succeed in that state of good integration that’s really Hailagaz and so whereas we’ve got to debate the Wode in relation to Asgard we should additionally acknowledge that its vacation spot is Midhgard or the Self. The Fetch, is the factor of the soul which is actually at residence in Asgard. The Fetch is that being who holds inside its consciousness each thought, each act and each second of your personal acutely aware life and extra in addition to. The Fetch can also be the collective repository of all that has ever been within the thoughts of all of your earlier incarnations – therefore it additionally carries with it the totality of your ancestral consciousness. One of the elements of that is that the Fetch has information of the realm of Hel, this can be a transcendent information as while the fetch’s house is in Asgard its nature is to comply with the soul by way of all of its incarnations – this leads one to posit an intimate connection between the Fetch and the seed of your complete soul construction generally known as the shade or Sal – this intimate connection implies that the Fetch even understands that state of being which happens between one life and the subsequent – a from of being which isn’t a being.

The Fetch is probably the most full type of private consciousness. Through exploring this degree of the cosmos one can achieve a greater understanding of the character of the Wode and its inspiration in addition to gaining insights into the character of the Fetch for that is the realm through which consciousness opens as much as embrace greater than mundane consciousness – on this realm we will achieve entry to ancestral consciousness a type of consciousness which hyperlinks us immediately with our legendary ancestor Odhinn. Alternately via exploring the Wode and making an attempt to achieve communication with the Fetch one can start to know the character of Asgard. Either method the results of this exploration can be an intimate understanding of the very best states of being and the very best states of consciousness. The vowel sound which corresponds to Asgard is A the rune of divine inspiration. Through intoning this sound we activate Asgard in our private sphere and therefore give energy to the Wode and to the Fetch.


Source by Dennis Fetcho