Obi Divination – The Mouthpiece of the Orichas

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"In the past Obi, Obi, Obi in the past"

The prayers start for Obi, the binary system of division from the Yoruba faith to acquire "Sure" and "No" solutions to questions in numerous ranges of depth and which means. This technique, essential to all within the African spiritual ideas beneath the key heading of Ifa and their numerous ranges of dilution underneath the classes of Lukumi and Santeria, are a strategy of the methods Nigerian kola nuts (Obi Abata), recent coconut meat (darle El coco) and 4 cowrie shells converse to us and are thought-about the 'mouthpieces' of the Orichas. The Orichas, as they’re collectively generally known as, are African based mostly Gods and Goddesses of Nature who rule numerous locations and parts of the world and are thought-about 'guardian angels' of every and everybody who inhabits the Earth. Each one among us is taken into account having that exact Deities '"Ache" or "spirit" and it’s inside the patakis, or tales of the Orichas' interactions with one another and the World that the lesson is given or the message is delivered .

The spirit of Obi, as soon as a mortal on earth, ascended to being an Oricha as soon as good deeds had been finished, fell from Grace due to Ego. Upon descending to Earth, Obi's spirit embodied the coconut palm tree. Though Obi cannot converse with using his tongue, he communicates via the white ("clear") aspect or brown ("darkish") of coconut meat. If cowrie shells are used, it’s the aspect that has been filed open to point "Sure" ("clear") and the closed ridged aspect that signifies a "No" ("darkish") aspect of the reply sample that fall throughout questioning .

After ritual libations and prayers, some make the most of Obi divination with coconut to reply questions throughout a separation studying within the presence of the shopper. Obi additionally provides readability to confusion regarding the message of the playing cards when used with cowrie shells in a tarot card studying for a shopper. Shoppers can ask Obi a query and the advisor or religious employee may additionally be prompted to ask as nicely when the layers of playing cards upon them usually are not in affiliation with the shoppers' dilemma. Obi divination is to not be taken calmly and is taken into account as a software to assist Mankind search readability in choice making, no matter whether or not you’re absolutely initiated into the faith or not. There are 5 ranges of depth to Obi; Two affirmative or constructive in several severities, two unfavorable or "no" solutions, and a "perhaps" reply that wants a second query to extract a much less ambiguous reply.

The 5 totally different shell patterns that may fall throughout a questioning session are as follows:

"Alafia" – "Sure with blessings!" – That is probably the most affirmative reply however as a result of it may be overager in it's supply, it should have a second toss to verify and safe the reply. The second fall of the cowries have to be one other "Alafia" or an "Ejife" or "Etagua" reply to be taken as a "Sure" reply.

"Ejife" – "Sure" (however with out emphasis) – This affirmative reply is interpreted as a "Sure, and your World is balanced", which means that what you might have proposed or achieved (or about to) brings stability to the give / take , Sure / no, or contradictory trials of the World to maintain in concord.

"Etagua" (Egypt "Etawa") – "Perhaps" – This reply comes up when the query wants clarification (putting it in a method to have the ability to get hold of a "Sure" or "No" reply to start with) Oricha is Pondering the entire state of affairs and wishes a second query that has been 'tweaked' to have the ability to reply. When Etagua seems, the second reply of the second toss of shells is the true reply. If one other "Etagua" (Etagua-Meji) falls after the primary one, the which means is "don’t ask what you already know".

"Okana" – which means darkness is surrounding the shopper and a constructive exit shouldn’t be obtainable, besides with out further religious work. One open shell and three closed ones point out to give attention to the small beam of sunshine within the darkness.

"Oyekun" – Probably the most critical "No" reply because it tells of the shopper being out of contact with their spirituality and strolling in darkness. This can be a dire warning; It presages unexpected issues, accidents, fires and even portends dying. Further questions must be requested within the shoppers' to find out why Oyekun has come. Water have to be sprinkled on Oyekun and if it seems greater than as soon as, the shells have to be positioned in water to 'cool' down the reply.

After the complete tarot card studying, the shopper has a chance to ask questions that weren’t addressed within the card studying. These could also be of further readability on the unique shell toss or different unrelated questions on relationships and enterprise methods. As soon as we start to obtain a number of "Etaguas" to questions in an apparent sample, this is a sign that the road of questioning wants to finish because the shopper is asking inquiries to apparent solutions in entrance of their face.

Whereas not all the time a direct reply, Obi provides perception on issues to return. It’s no thriller that shoppers who return for a comply with up studying three months later will exclaim, "The shells have been proper! I simply didn’t see it (the state of affairs) evolving earlier than me!" And different affirmations that point out that revelations of Fact that Obi provides come true. For me, in addition to over 70 million plus devotees of this African indigenous faith, we all know Obi doesn’t lie.

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