Number 13: The Legends, Myths, and Facts


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Why does the quantity thirteen evoke emotions of
uncertainty and uneasiness? Is it actually an
unfortunate quantity? What began this stigma
about thirteen?

Triskaidekaphobia means the worry of quantity thirteen.
Typically, this worry triggers panic assaults, impacts
household and enterprise relationships. Is thisoted
in superstition? Quantity thirteen displays man's worry
of the unknown.

Custom traces this worry of thirteen on the desk to the
Final Supper- Jesus dined together with his twelve apostles.
The inference was somebody was going to die
inside a short while. Judas betrayed Jesus,
overcome by his guilt, he hold himself.

Mythology has its personal story. The Norse gods have been
having a banquet for 12 on the Valhalla when Loki,
one of many evil gods gatecrashed the get together. Balder
was the god of sunshine, pleasure and reconciliation. He had
a blind brother whom Loki tricked into throwing a
sprig of mistletoe on Balder's chest which killed
him (Balder). Mistletoe is the one earthly factor
that was deadly to Balder.

Into the Center Ages, the stigma towards Friday
the thirteenth bigger stronger. On Friday, October thirteen, 1307,
King Phillip! V of France ordered the arrest of the
Grand Grasp of the Knights Templar and his senior
knights and different members.They have been tortured to
compel them to confess to "wrongdoings."

They usually have been executed. Sympathizers of the Templars
condemned Friday the thirteenth as an evil day.

Later within the 18th century, this perception about Friday the thirteenth
was once more strengthened. The British ship HMS Friday was
launched on a Friday, the thirteenth, the captain was a person
named Jim Friday. The ship was by no means seen nor hear
from once more.

Do these occasions justify the stigma hooked up to
quantity thirteen? It’s documented that this worry of Friday the
thirteenth prices tens of millions of dollars a yr in enterprise loss
due absenteeism and canceled appointments.

Some "unfortunate" occasions related to thirteen is
the well-known Apollo thirteen mission in 1970. It was
launched on 1313 hours, from pad 39 (thirteen x three),
three of the sleeping preparations for the astronauts
have been timed to start out at thirteen minutes previous the hour
and so was one of many potential splashdown.

On April thirteenth, the primary of the a number of setbacks to
Apollo thirteen occurred and this added drama to the mission.

In lots of lodges and skyscrapers, there isn’t a thirteenth
flooring.Most airplanes haven’t any seat No. thirteen. In Italy,
it’s ordinary to go away out thirteen in numbering the
lottery tickets.

13 for dinner? Not in France. A celebration of
13 can rent knowledgeable quatorzieme, a
fourteenth individual, from an company. In some huge
hospitals, there isn’t a Working Room thirteen, to
spare the affected person added nervousness being wheeled
into Room thirteen.

thirteen is the perfect variety of individuals in a covenant.
It’s believed that to left-handed individuals, thirteen
is their fortunate quantity.

However why is quantity thirteen given such a damaging
implication? This dates again to many centuries,
and nonetheless holds immediately within the twenty first century.

Maybe the anticipation of the negativity of
quantity thirteen makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Why might it not be any quantity?

Ref: Quantity Energy by Keith Ellis


Source by Bonnie Moss