Norse God Meditation Magic

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First issues first. Let me outline my phrases in order that we depart a strong floor for understanding one another.

There’s a Nordic / Germanic pantheon of Gods and Goddess's referred to as the "Northern Gods or" Norse Gods. "The Main Gods / Goddess of the pantheon are Odin, the Alfather, Frigga the Almother, Thor their son; Frey and Freya, the dual Gods, Tyr the brave God.

There are extra however in the intervening time we will speak about meditating with the male Norse Gods; Odin, Thor, Tyr and Frey.

Now what do I imply by meditation? Meditation is just not a passive act like some gurus preach. That is very harmful. Your thoughts could be very highly effective and to open the portcullis that shield it, primarily your consciousness, is to ask hazard and even possession into your psychological citadel.

Meditation must be a proper train the place you already know precisely what it’s you need to do and the place you need your thoughts to go. Ideas are issues and what you contact together with your thoughts you appeal to into your Aura. And what you carry in your aura helps create your bodily actuality.

The Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics inform us that ALL is ENERGY. You’re power, your ideas are power, the Northern Pantheon of Gods in Power.

These legal guidelines additionally inform us that every thing that ever was, is or can be, exists in an infinite ocean of considering, clever power referred to as the Quantum Ocean.

The Northern Mythology referred to as it 'Mimir's Properly'. The Northern Gods and Goddess's exist within the Quantum Ocean and have all the time existed there as a result of there isn’t any time; there’s solely the Now.

So whenever you meditate upon one of many Northern Gods, your thoughts reaches out (since there isn’t any area on the psychological degree) and Touches that specific God.
When Psychological contact is made, power flows between you and the God.

The entire concept of ​​this Norse God Meditation Magic is to draw the energies of a specific God bringing them into your Aura.

You don’t actually need to be Odin. However you do need to appeal to the knowledge and inspiration energies of Odin into your Aura after which develop into extra clever.

You don’t actually need to develop into Thor however you need to appeal to the facility and safety of Thor into your life. If you wish to appeal to Braveness then summon Tyr into your life.

Lastly if you’d like extra masculinity and virility into your life it’s Frey you need. Oh, I virtually forgot, What’s Magic?

Magic is the shifting of energies type one place to a different with none bodily means.

On this case your magic might be directed by your thoughts to maneuver energies out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimirs nicely) into your aura. What energies you deliver into your Aura will develop into your bodily actuality.

Right here is the train.

Sit comfortably in your chair, ideally early within the morning when the chatter and clatter of the surface world is quiet. When you’ve got a print of the Northern Gods it is going to assist, however it isn’t needed. Keep in mind what you take a look at together with your eyes you additionally "contact" and appeal to.

Take a look at the print of Odin, think about it. Then take a deep breath and mentally say, "I’m now inhaling the knowledge of Odin out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir's Properly) into my Aura."

Really feel the power circulate. See it together with your thoughts. Golden spirals of power filling your Aura.

Do that 3 times after which rise up and go about your days enterprise. Do it every day and slowly however certainly you’ll turn into wiser and wiser. It’s the Regulation of Quantum Physics and Psychological Magic.

Now Thor, "I’m now inhaling the facility and protecting energies out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir's Nicely) and into my Aura." Do that 3 times whereas visualizing or taking a look at your image of Thor.

Now Tyr. "I’m now inhaling the brave power of Tyr, out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir's Properly) and into my Aura." three occasions.

Frey, "I’m now inhaling the masculine energies of Frey out of the Quantum Ocean (Mimir's Properly) into my Aura.

Do that day by day and you will see that your self turning into wiser, stronger, extra brave and extra masculine and virile. This is called structural information. Information that you need to use in your every day life.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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