Magick Tools – The Plate Or Pentacle


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Magick Instruments: The Plate or Pentacle (also called Defend or Tile)

As a caster of actual spells, an essential and typically over appeared magick device is the Plate. The Plate also referred to as the pentacle, defend or tile, is a device of the factor, earth. It’s related to the course of North. The first use of the Plate is safety and shielding for tarot studying, scrying and different types of divination. Additionally it is used for therapeutic and broadcasting sure earth energies into your surroundings.

Historically, the Plate is a flat disk made out of earth supplies like metallic, wooden, stone, clay, porcelain or glass. The Plate is often positioned on the altar or hung over the door and home windows. Plates may additionally be used as a spot to place different charged or primarily consecrated gadgets.

Relying on the fabric you employ in your plate will decide the way you adorn it. The most typical ornament for the plate is a pentagram, or 5 pointed star. Nevertheless, I’ve seen many different designs as nicely. It actually is dependent upon what earth power image connects greatest with the spell caster. You possibly can carve it, paint it and even glue different supplies to create the design. Watch out with glue in case you are utilizing the Plate to burn incense or different herbs on it. It’s advisable to hint your design on the Plate first both with a pencil or print the design and use carbon paper.

For many who use wooden for his or her materials, you need to use paint or a wooden-burning pen to make your design. In case you have burned your design on the plate, sand the floor. In case you use paint, then inexperienced, brown or black are main earth colours. Upon getting completed with the design, brush or spray a number of coats of polyurethane varnish over the floor to guard it and provides it a shine. It’s best to make use of non-flammable, ideally earth pleasant polyurethane varnish particularly in case you plan to burn something in your Plate. In case you are frightened that your Plate might scratch or mark the floor of your altar, you narrow a bit of felt and glue to the underside.

It’s also possible to buy a Plate. There’s a giant choice out there on-line or in metaphysical shops.

Use your Plate to consecrate ritual gadgets utilized in spell casting or bless and cost talismans with earth power. Alternately, you possibly can cling it over the door or window for therapeutic and safety. The facility of earth power manifests bodily (well being, house), financially (cash, job) or in relationships (enterprise, household).

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