Lunar Magick

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Do you assume you would resist a special invitation to a magickal gathering underneath a full moon in Hawaii'i? I definitely couldn’t. And in this story, I invite you alongside to a chance to want for what you want, a chance to explore new mystical territory, and a chance to discover ways to increase our own boundaries.

There are numerous magicks in the Islands, however a special few know the truths of goodness and lightweight. Sacred are sure sites on this land of aloha, and respect is paid in full by we the individuals … So I share with you this virgin expertise – an evening positive to be magickally remembered by us all …

When our shut pal, DJ, requested my spouse & I if we want to document an meeting of white witches beneath a sky of stars, we jumped on the opportunity. This month meeting of a covenant (congregation) is known as an Esbat, and is often held when the moon is full.

DJ was raised within the Wiccan religion, and continues to watch those traditions. Wicca is a religion of the Earth, and its followers honor the earth, planets & stars, along with Goddesses and Gods. Because of previous harassment from others who would not understand, most of the Wiccan practices and philosophies are handed from era to era by phrase of mouth teachings. Since Wiccans consider all earth is sacred, there isn’t any want for churches. This is the reason worship and rituals may be carried out anyplace.

When DJ advised us of the situation, she informed us that we must be clothed in white. Although Barbara & I had a dinner party planned for that night and didn’t have the suitable apparel, we shortly rearranged our night's itinerary with just a telephone call.

Our subsequent problem was to find a pal to transport us there. (Our mopeds weren’t appropriate for this journey across the Island!) An in depth good friend was very desperate to accompany us and participate as properly. She, too, seemed forward to this new expertise and thanked us for the weird distraction. All the things fell into place so simply, as if we have been meant to be there.

The experience to this gathering featured clouds oozing slowly down the mountains. The peaks of the valley have been lost within a thick billowyness of three-D big puff clouds, floating over all. Hawai'i skies possess powers all their very own. Dusk was upon us, and beckoned have been we by the enticement of the night.

Approaching the situation, we were not quite positive precisely where we must be meeting our good friend. It was now darkish and eerily quiet, with nary a soul in sight. We drive again & forth on the filth street a few occasions … Even my wife, who has a built-in compass and may find her method anyplace, started to doubt our course.

"That is the best place, just isn’t it?" we have been asking ourselves. In any case, we didn’t anticipate to see signs on the street "This Method To The Covenant Gathering"! And, this was a singular location, so we have been certain that we followed the directions. Nonetheless wanting, still looking …

Wait! There she was, up forward now. We have been greeted by a stunning vision of swirling white – lighting our method within the darkness. While we have been being introduced to the others, they have been advised of our mission there. If anybody had an objection to this article or the taking of photographs, they have been to tell us. However no one did supply resistance.

A few dozen individuals have been able to participate on this evening's rituals. There have been a few individuals we already knew, which enhanced our gathering. Everyone seemed invited & snug with our presence, so we have been utterly comfortable. The group shared pleasantries and wine while The Magick Circle was being created. The Circle is the place the celebration and follow of magick happens.

We consider these rituals with function, curiosity and enchantment. Tonight Barbara and I are historians. Documentarians. Witnesses to Magick. We're invited to take part if we want. To enter into The Circle Of Magick.

The bottom was almost as dark because the sky – starting with the making of the white circle was first, in white powder; then the pentagram was drawn inside.

4 Swords of Power have been planted into the filth, grounding The Circle in all 4 instructions: North, South, East & West. Every of The Corners has a corresponding candle shade. The Gathering of the Graces would now be underway.

A small table was put into the center of The Circle. On this table have been flowers positioned; many candles of varied colors for many wherefores; a koa wood bowl containing water, and another bowl with salt for purification. Parts represented on the altar have been Earth, Hearth, Air and Water. There was also a golden goblet of wine to share inside The Circle, and incenses & oils for consecration. There was additionally a cauldron of charcoal. I might study the rationale for this later in the course of the ceremony. A large blue glass jar held water for blessing and cleaning. Mystic music performed as tender bells have been chimed. Slowly but certainly, the altar was shaped because the centerpiece of The Circle.

Before getting into The Circle, you’re invited to write down your needs. Magick paper was distributed – small beige squares with giant gold, strong circles. Each want have to be written out on separate sheets; then folded. You will need to write out precisely what you would like for. Adverse or vengeful wishing is duly warned towards. Wiccans are very aware of the best way to correctly use their magick.

As with every little thing else in life, there are some basis philosophies to remember: "Be careful what you would like for." "Do not use your magic for dangerous purposes." "What you give, you get again threefold."

I wish for fulfillment in business. I want good well being for my family and I. I wish to discover real love. I wish to buy a reliable automotive. I wish for a very good grade on that last report. These, I'm sure, have been a few of the needs written out by group members. This was my favourite half, and I had many needs!

The High Priest and High Priestess invite members into The Circle. The following words are posed to each particular person: "It Is Better For You To Fall Upon The Sword Than Enter This Circle With Worry In Your Heart. Every reply is identical: "With Good Love And Good Trust". One by one, each individual accepts the invitation into The Circle and to The Watchtowers.

The group varieties a circle within The Circle, and the High Priestess begins the ceremony. This author's eyes close, and I’m surrounded by the delicate music and her smooth phrases. I’m in my own Magick Circle proper now …

My eyes open to wishes which are positioned one sheet by one sheet into the cauldron. The coals have been lit. Hearth leaps up, virtually mischievously – then, as shortly, settles once more with its choices. The cauldron accepts all requests. The High Priestess requests for all wishes to be recognized and acted upon.

A late arrival stands out once he has entered The Circle. Bobby is a handsome young man, beautiful in black, and provides drama to our white contrast. I study that he’s a warrior, as nicely a healer. I read humbleness and warmth in his eyes. His face could be very sort and delicate, and I see a serene blue aura, with flashes of a darkish power, surrounding him.

A goblet of wine is handed from individual to individual so you might by no means thirst. Cookies are distributed so you might never go hungry, as the ceremony of communion was originated by The Pagans. I like this considerate & compassionate remembrance.

The High Priest and Priestess utter particular incantations, and start to shut The Circle. They ask that good forces remain robust in order that evil shall not prevail. Once more, instructions and parts are beckoned and thanked by the High Priestess. The group leaves The Circle, with the altar intact, and cauldron & candles nonetheless flickering.

I keep a separated observer. I ponder. I watch. I hear. I take up. I write. However I’ve not but positioned myself inside the circle.

A light-weight has drawn me into its hypnotic glow. I gaze into a glass hurricane, and the candle appears to turn out to be a golden saber. My visions are in full drive tonight.

Champagne is served in the spirit of affection and trust. A way of unity is felt. Laughter and tales fill the night time air. I study the High Priestess isn’t feeling properly, so she is clothed in black as a form of invisibility, defending The Circle from illness and negativity. The illness I felt from her I study is deep within, and incurable. She stays lifelike and tries to reside her life "usually" – whatever that word is supposed to imply. She maintains her inside power, though at occasions her bodily body is in turmoil. I instantly feel more respect for her, and marvel if I might be as robust faced together with her state of affairs.

Anybody is now capable of enter The Circle; however The Darkish-Robed One stays alone in there. He exudes a contagious inside peace. His disciplined motions are sluggish, calculated, and languid. His eyes stay closed as he strikes inside The Circle. His stability never falters. He and his mighty sword are one.

He is among the individuals we already knew before this night time, and now I know my intuition about him was proper. I had all the time felt the extremes within him, like goodness & sincerity, together with all the things else. I watch in amusement and bewilderment. Upon completion of his ceremonial tasks, he turns to go away, pays his respects to the altar and exits The Circle.

DJ presents me with yet one more honor: I can put on considered one of her bewitching capes. This can be a magickal experience in itself. The writer adorns it as if she have been born to it. I am now utterly cloaked in magick's embrace.

Spreading my wings of white, I take this opportunity to finally enter The Circle, sans quill. My eyes absorb each merchandise, on and off the altar. I research the swords planted in the ground. I close my eyes to further take up the depth of The Circle and its parts so that I, too, can be crammed. I add yet one more wish to the cauldron and depart The Circle, already desperate to attend the subsequent gathering …

The reminder of the night time proved to only as mystic as the evening, and we just could not go proper residence … Looming all over the place over us, the night time sky now demonstrated nice power. So on the journey back, we park at Makapu'u Seashore, walk alongside cool sands, and see a lone lighthouse standing out on its darkened cliff lodging. Personal reflections abound, and we are hypnotically drawn to the moon.

Visions within the sky are undoubtedly dramatic and distracting. The creamy clouds seem to reinforce our mood by mightily sweeping throughout the sky, as if to point out the true drive of nature. Standing so small, we’re evermore spellbound by the magick of the night time and the magick of the Islands …


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