Legendary Bears


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It may be completely superb to get an in depth take a look at bears within the wild on bear excursions, however one factor that helps individuals benefit from the expertise absolutely is to get acquainted with a number of the myths and legends surrounding the bear. Anthropologists, comparable to Joseph Campbell, have steered that these concepts stem from the prehistoric bear-worship of our ancestors’ fishing and searching tribes. These highly effective creatures have fascinated humanity for hundreds of years, and by studying extra concerning the mythology regarding bears, it could possibly be imagined we come slightly nearer to studying extra about ourselves.

Fairy Tales

Bears are sometimes featured within the fairytales of many cultures, typically in a trend that exhibits the deep respect humanity has held for the animal through the years. The Russian fairytale ‘Morozko’ has an boastful protagonist named Ivan, who tries to kill a mom bear and her cubs, and subsequently has his personal head changed by that of a bear’s, ostracising him from human society. It’s a sensible concept to study the lesson and hold your distance when on bear excursions! ‘The Brown Bear of Norway’ is a Scottish fairytale detailing the adventures of a woman who married a prince magically reworked right into a bear, and who managed to assist him rework again. The theme of people altering to and from bears appears to be a outstanding one in lots of fairytales.

Early Worship

Some proof has been discovered regarding bear worship in historic China and Korea. Korean mythology identifies the bear as their ancestor and symbolic animal – in accordance with folklore, a god imposed a troublesome check on a she-bear, and when she handed it, the god reworked the bear into a lady. Once once more, the thought of transformation is launched, and it is perhaps fascinating to bear it in thoughts (should you’ll pardon the pun) in your bear excursions – observing the behaviour of bears within the wild, it may be fascinating to seek out small similarities to human behaviour as properly.


In the Alpine zone, legends of saints proving their value by taming bears are widespread. In the official coat of arms of the bishopric of Freising, the bear is a harmful totem animal tamed by St. Corbinian, and used to hold his baggage throughout a journey over the mountains. A bear can also be a outstanding function within the legend of St. Romedius, who is claimed to have tamed a bear similarly to make use of in his personal ‘bear excursions!’


Source by Paul Stanbury