Incubus and Sucubus Mythology


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Details of the assaults by an incubus/succubus range type the delicate to the horrific. Victims usually declare to really feel the presence of some entity mendacity on prime of them, making respiration troublesome. In excessive instances the person might really feel she or he is be suffocated… even strangled. Other individuals declare to have seen horrible pictures, together with black shapes, snakes, demonic varieties and even the grinning and malevolent face of the incubus/succubus. There have been reviews of heavy strain on the chest, the feeling of biting tooth or limbs being painfully twisted. People have spoken of their eyes being open through the assault, however being unable to something besides darkness… unable to gasp or cry out, unable to breath or really feel or hear something. Details of being unable to maneuver and being pulled into the mattress make uncomfortable studying – however not as horrible because the psychological anguish. Some individuals report feeling an evil presence (and even presences) and sensing imminent dying. Imagine being unable to see who or what’s assaulting you. Or – within the worse case state of affairs – gasping recent air into your lungs after an assault, relieved that your ‘nightmare” is over… just for the assault to start out once more, worse this time since you are awake and extra conscious of the presence.

The male model of this demon is the incubus, and whereas it drains a lady of her personal power it has an much more sinister agenda. It is meant to mate with its sufferer to supply extra incubi. The results of this unearthly union is called a cambion, and when the kid is born it seems to be a stillbirth as a result of it exhibits no apparent signal of life. Its eyes might blink and its limbs might transfer – it might even converse, however it has no pulse and its respiration is invisible. Around the age of seven years the kid will begin to behave as a traditional human baby, however there are sharp variations. Not solely is a cambion very lovely; it typically shows an evil character bestowed upon it by the demonic mother or father. It can also be very clever and capable of persuade even probably the most resolute human to hold out its needs. Merlin, the wizard from King Arthur’s basic legends, was supposedly the product of an incubus and a mortal lady, with some legends claiming Merlin’s mom was truly a nun.

At one time there was a priority relating to the gender of incubi and succubi – it was claimed they have been truly one demonic entity with the power to vary its intercourse relying upon the gender of its sufferer. It would rework itself into an incubus after it had been with a person, and use the seed it had collected upon the feminine sufferer. If the lady did conceive the outcome would nonetheless be a cambion, as a result of though the kid’s genetic background was human the demonic intervention assured paranormal improvement.

Stories about incubus/succubus demons have been informed all through historical past, and from everywhere in the world. Here is a number of a few of the higher-recognized characters:

Jewish folklore tells of Lilu, an incubus who visits ladies whereas they sleep. His female counterpart is Lilin. These demons have been a specific supply of hysteria for moms as a result of they have been recognized to kidnap youngsters. Ardat Lili was one other succubus who would go to males at night time to make sure the continuation of her demonic race. The incubus was Irdu Lili, who would go to human ladies to make sure they might produce his offspring.

El Trauco is a legendary dwarf residing on the Chilean island of Chiloé, who regardless of his hideous look has the power to seduce ladies. His piercing gaze is feared by male islanders as a result of it has the power to kill. However there have been events when a robust willed man has been capable of safe the providers of El Trauco for one yr, just by fixing his personal gaze upon this incubus first. These tales are uncommon, nevertheless, as a result of El Trauco is ready to sense human presence lengthy earlier than the individual is sighted. So highly effective is his magnetism that chosen ladies (often sleeping) will immediately fall in love with him, aided by the very fact he disguises himself as a rich landlord or perhaps a priest.

El Trauco’s spouse is the equally dreadful La Fiura, an extremely ugly and shameless little lady who will forged a illness spell upon anybody who rejects her advances. So foul is her breath it’ll scar a human and switch animals lame. Despite this she is an irresistible temptress who, after utilizing her victims, will drive them insane.

Encantado is a Brazilian shapeshifter who spends his days as a Boto dolphin frolicking within the Amazon River. At night time he takes on the looks of a good-looking younger man who seduces younger women. He all the time wears a hat, as a result of his head retains a outstanding dolphin-like look when in human type. Encantado could be very a fan of events and music, and regardless of coming from a utopian world craves the pleasures and hardships of human life. Encantado also can bewitch an individual to make him/her do their bidding or flip somebody into an Encantado. At their most excessive they will inflict illness, madness or demise upon their victims. Fortunately for these freshwater dolphins (sure, they do exist) it’s thought-about dangerous luck to kill a Boto. And don’t make eye contact with one, or you’ll endure nightmares for the remainder of your life.

Zanizibar, an island off the coast of the African nation of Tanzania, is the chosen abode of Popo Bawa, an incubus who selects male victims. His identify means “bat-wing”, and refers to his shadow quite than his bodily look, which varies because of Popo Bawa’s shapeshifting powers. During daylight he appears like an strange human being, however at night time transforms right into a shadowy ghostlike determine with a dreadful odour. He makes himself recognized by scratching on roofs and at home windows with lengthy talons. He additionally threatens his victims with longer and extra vicious assaults ought to they dare inform anybody Popo Bawa has determined to pay them a go to. Yet it’s claimed he turns into indignant ought to anybody deny his existence.

Hungary’s Liderc hatches from the primary egg of a black hen, and is usually referred to as “miracle hen”. Liderc flies by means of the night time skies as a fiery mild, sprinkling flames on the earth under. On touchdown it should shapeshift right into a human and entry homes via keyholes and chimneys, seen to its victims as a lifeless relative or liked one. It brings illness and dying to its victims, in addition to making the home very soiled earlier than departing. Birch branches and burning incense might cease Liderc from getting into the home, however some declare it is rather quick and hides in cemeteries. Another story claims Liderc attaches itself to a sufferer, shapeshifting into both an incubus or succubus relying on its sufferer’s gender. In a twist on the vampire legend it might drink blood from its host, making the sufferer weak and drained. This Liderc likes to hoard gold, so its human companion turns into rich. This creature may be exorcised by both sealing it inside a tree hole or persuading it to carry out some troublesome process, like carrying water with a sieve or shifting sand with a rope. A second model of the Liderc is far smaller and reside in packing containers, pockets of discarded garments, amongst rags or in glass bottles. Again the human will grow to be rich, and should even discover himself bestowed with mystical powers… however in trade for his soul.

The “Hexanhammer” is a e-book written in the course of the fifteenth century. Also recognized by its Latin identify Malleus Maleficarum or “The Hammer of Witches”, it incorporates info pertaining to witchcraft, and features a part on the 5 strategies used to cease assaults by a succubus or incubus:

Exorcism – an historic and quite common apply, whereby a priest or different spiritual chief calls upon God and, along with spiritual symbols comparable to Holy Water and Crosses, to forged out the demon. On event Angels and/or Archangels may be referred to as upon to help with the exorcism.

Sacramental Confession – a sacred ceremony designed to guard by bestowing a blessing of religious grace via Christ; just like baptism or confession.

Angelic Salutation – “The Angels’ Greeting” requires intervention from Mary, Mother of Jesus by repeating two verses from Saint Luke’s Gospel within the New Testament.

Excommunication – religious leaders will ban the troubled particular person from the group till the demon leaves, or till the sufferer requested for religious intervention.

Transportation – shifting the sufferer from his/her home to a different place or city the place he/she will probably be protected from the demon.

Unfortunately it seems not all succubi/incubi will reply to makes an attempt to forged them out. A Franciscan friar named Ludovico noticed: “They don’t obey exorcists, haven’t any dread of exorcisms, present no reverence for holy issues, on the strategy of which they don’t seem to be the least overawed”.


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