How To Use Annointing Oil In Wicca


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The phrase “Anoint” means to rub or therapeutic massage a liquid into an individual or on gadgets similar to candles, instruments, provides, and so forth. Anointing oils are utilized in Wicca for a number of functions. Sometimes, it’s utilized in rituals to reinforce communication and connection to deities throughout Sabbats or Esbats.

At occasions it’s used to attune with the energies from the Moon or the Sun or different planets. Oils are additionally used to honor God or Goddess throughout rituals. In the custom of candlemagick, oils are used to empower the candle (which can personify a human being, animal or factor) to push forth our intentions extra clearly into the Universe.

Anointing oils are often product of pure herbs, roots and flowers. There are many strategies of extraction, however the best approach to create an natural oil is so as to add dried herbs to jojoba oil, olive oil or candy almond oil. We can permit it to soak within the oil for a number of days or place it the place the moon or solar can also empower its contents.
Herbs can enchant us with their magnificence and fragrance. Herbs have been used for magickal functions because the daybreak of time. The natural aromas transport us to a special degree of consciousness, a unique time or a distant place instantly. Use of perfumed oils, candles or incense often allows us to focus on our spell working extra intently.

Here are some examples of anointing oil utilized in Wicca:
Mix A elements Patchouli oil with P half Musk and M half carnation to create corporeal Sabbat oil that’s believed to advertise communion with the deities current on the ceremony.

If you combine P elements frankincense with B half Myrrh, B half Allspice and M drop Clove, you can also make a unbelievable concoction which will even be utilized in Sabbats.

To attune with the lunar energies and rejoice the complete Moon, use a mix of A elements rose, B half jasmine and B half sandalwood oil. Anoint the physique earlier than the Esbat whereas absorbing the highly effective lunar power.

Another model of the oil utilized in full Moon ritual is O elements Sandalwood combined with P elements lemon and M half rose. This can be utilized within the ceremonial tub for the night or positioned close to the altar and used to anoint candles or the physique.

During ceremonies the place the Goddess is current, we will honor Her with a model of Goddess oil made with A elements rose, P elements tuberose, M half lemon, M half palmarosa and B half ambergris.

To honor the Horned God, we will use P elements Frankincense, P elements cinnamon, B half bay, B half rosemary and M half musk. This oil could also be used to anoint a candle representing the Horned God or to invoke the God in rituals.

If a candle or doll represents an individual who must be healed, we will rub radiant well being oil on the diseased half. This oil is made by grinding angelica root, calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, juniper and rosemary and including two elements jojoba oil plus one half castor oil.


Source by Rose Ariadne