How To Unlock The Power Of Wiccan Symbols


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Wiccan symbols are utilized in spells and rituals. They characterize parts of nature such because the Sun, the Moon, the celebs and the Divine Spirit. They have been used as sacred codes in rituals, ceremonies and worn as jewellery to guard the practitioner.

The widespread misconceptions of people who find themselves misinformed about WitchCraft are that these are symbols of damaging forces such because the Devil, which, by the best way, is a Christian invention. Wiccans and most different pagans don’t consider within the imaginary creature referred to as the Devil. They want to acknowledge and have fun the divinity of human beings and every little thing that surrounds them in a loving, constructive method.

The pentacle is a 5 pointed star and probably the most recognizable image of the Wicca faith. It can also be referred to as the Witch’s foot, the Morning star or the Endless knot. Pythagoras used the Pentacle to characterize the human being with the factors of the star representing the top, the arms and the legs. The addition of the circle is to unify the physique and create a Spirit. The Pentacle represents the 5 parts of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The pentacle is worn across the neck to guard oneself. In Rituals, one can draw a pentacle within the air above the working area or on the bottom with an Athame or sacred knife, or on a bit of paper for use within the ritual.

The Spirit circle is one other image utilized in rituals. In many magickal religions, strolling round an individual, place or factor is taken into account auspicious. This signal may also be used within the place of a pentacle. The spirit Circle represents strolling or casting of the Ritual circle. Most Wiccan rituals embrace the act of making a sacred area and calling the quarters to create and guard the sacred circle for the Witch to work inside.
Triple Circle (three circles intertwined) is the image utilized in rituals to name upon and draw energy from the Triple Goddess who helps us improve the facility of our physique, thoughts and spirit.

Triple Moon (one full moon, one waxing moon, one waning moon) is related to the Triple Goddess. This image additionally represents the stroll of life. During rituals, this image could also be used anyplace on our altar to represent the cycles of start and demise. Also, this image is used to suggest our nice Mother or any Female Deity.

Horned God represents the male facet of Divinity in Wiccan faith. This image is utilized in rituals that are held to have fun the male facet of the Divine. It is used with the Triple Moon image typically to characterize the harmonious union of opposites. This image may also be worn as a pendant.

Celtic Cross – The Celtic individuals have fun this image as representing the moon in addition to the Sun. This is used primarily in paintings and in rituals to symbolize the Goddess and God.

The Sun is represented by a circle with a smaller darkened circle within the middle. The Sun is taken into account a male deity and is known as upon throughout rituals to strengthen our Will and Success. It represents the pure component of Fire and the colour related to it’s Gold. The Sun has been worshiped in lots of cultures by way of millenniums.

The Moon Symbol is taken into account the female or Goddess and is represented by the Crescent moon. The shade related to Moon is white, silver or blue and the component related to this image is Water which enhances the Fire of the Sun. As everyone knows, nature thrives the place the Sun and Water are current. The fundamental power of the Moon is Emotion and She known as upon by followers in numerous Wiccan rituals.


Source by Rose Ariadne