How to Cleanse and Consecrate Your New Oracle Cards for Accurate Psychic Readings

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Energetically cleaning your new Oracle playing cards is admittedly essential earlier than you begin to use them. Even in case you have cleansed them completely, it nonetheless might take some time earlier than they’re really “YOUR” playing cards. Comply with these steps to cleanse and consecrate your new playing cards!

If you first get your new deck of Oracle playing cards, and in case you’re with some pals, ask every of them to shuffle and reduce the deck earlier than you deliver them house. This can assist the deck turn out to be extra acquainted with your power by way of your folks.

Once you get your deck house, shuffle them a couple of occasions earlier than starting. This can assist to shake up any residual power hanging on to the playing cards. If you would like, minimize a circle and name within the Parts, although that is not strictly vital. Floor your self and ask your spirit guides for help. You possibly can then do any of the next:

  • Maintain the deck in your palms. Really feel the power of the earth and the Divine power from above join inside your coronary heart chakra. Visualize a white, cleaning mild emitting out of your coronary heart chakra into the deck.
  • Mild a white candle and cross the deck over the flame.
  • Mild incense and cross the deck via the smoke.
  • If it is a full moon, place the deck outdoors in order that it might take up the moon’s power all night time.
  • Smudge your new deck with a sage, cedar, or candy grass smudge stick.
  • Ask your angels and spirit guides to bless and energetically cleanse your playing cards.
  • Encompass the deck with crystals and depart them for a number of hours.

As soon as they have been cleansed, it is time to consecrate them. Once more, floor and ask your guides for help. Ask them to consecrate the playing cards to their highest good.

You also needs to energetically cleanse your deck of stray energies on a periodic foundation. About as soon as a month, I am going to take every card and put all of them into order. My oracle card decks all have an related quantity, so I simply get them organized numerically. Then I am going to cleanse them with a therapeutic white mild from my coronary heart chakra.

As soon as the deck has been completely cleansed, it is prepared so that you can use. Keep in mind that it nonetheless might take a while for the deck to soak up your power to offer you correct readings. In case you are primarily studying for your self, the playing cards will regulate briefly order.

Keep in mind to assume clearly of your query if you use the oracle playing cards. Lately I had a good friend who was going by means of a variety of points. Though I requested my playing cards a query about me, the studying was clearly about her! I shared the studying together with her, however then did one other studying for me from a special deck.

It is so essential to make your new deck of oracle playing cards your personal. Comply with these steps to cleanse them of different individuals’s power and infuse your new deck with your personal distinctive energies!

Source by Lisbeth Alexander

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