Higher Spiritual Power


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The very primary constructs and definition of a Higher Spiritual Power or Higher Power must be left as much as the person as a result of spirituality is sort of a private matter. Each human being has their very own individualized experiences with their very own type of Higher Power(s), Higher (Supreme) Being(s), and Spirits. If Higher Powers are thought-about genderless by some people, then they could be thought-about as types of cosmic power or:

Higher Powers = Cosmic, Universal Physical Energy, Spiritual Energy, and Spirits

Higher Beings = Gods and Goddesses

However, please perceive that the various gods and goddesses of various pantheons will not be genderless; that is one other matter of dialogue for a later time.

For readability sake inside the Craft, the elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have greater religious powers and are sometimes represented by many various gods and goddesses. These are a few of the most difficult ideas for many who “convert” from a monotheistic/patriarchal faith to a nature-based mostly (pantheistic/polytheistic/matriarchal and patriarchal) faith to grasp at first of their religious path change and journey. Is there just one Supreme Being? The reply to this query has all the time been extraordinarily controversial; but an excellent and sensible reply could also be that this relies enormously on which religious path one follows and whether or not the idea of this religious path is monotheistic, monolatrous, pantheistic, or polytheistic.

There needs to be some type of supreme being(s) aside from people as a result of there have been gods and goddesses who existed from the start of time and who’ve walked this Earth and traversed the whole universe for about thirteen billion years when cosmic energies and astro-chemical reactions shaped to increase “singularly” into the planets, stars, suns, moons, galaxies, black holes, and the very life-giving elementals of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Drawing from inside oneself together with the energies of the elementals is as highly effective conceptually in addition to in follow in nature and the actual world.

One of the opposite main conceptual challenges is that many individuals try and rationalize what faith is fairly than what spirituality means to them as a person. Having a primary, but properly-rounded, understanding within the theology and divinity of a number of religions and their practices (for comparative functions) might deliver a few larger private which means and understanding of world religions. Understanding the inside religious self and one’s private relationship with the Higher Power(s) is in essence what that is all about and that all of us are temples of the gods and goddesses of our religious pantheons whether or not by selection or not.


Source by Dr. Kheti A. Sahure