Free Magick Healing Spells


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Healing spells are very highly effective. Whether its bodily therapeutic or emotional therapeutic, highly effective visualization by others (prayers, incantations, spells and different rituals) can have a huge effect on the restorative results of the therapeutic individual.

From historic occasions, herbs reminiscent of rosemary, sage, peppermint, patchouli, hyssop, heal all, flax seed, ginseng, eucalyptus, and so on. have been related to magickal therapeutic properties.

Certain gems are additionally believed to assist with therapeutic. Let us do one spell that includes some herbs. Choose three herbs from the above record. Keep them in separate bowls.

First, get a blue candle. Blue is believed to be the colour of therapeutic. Purple additionally represents peace and therapeutic. So in case you don’t have a blue candle, you might also use a purple candle.

Get a small pouch product of pure materials or a small piece of cotton material with a twine or string additionally manufactured from pure materials. I often insist on utilizing pure supplies due to the consequences of unknown energies that come up from utilizing synthetic or artificial supplies.

Take a pleasant lengthy tub with purifying natural soaps or oils. This is often beneficial to cleanse our our bodies and our minds from destructive or inhibiting ideas which will intrude with our constructive visualizations.

Light the candle and sit by it. Read a chapter from a religious ebook to additional improve your peace of thoughts and focus. If you’re working this spell for another person, additionally it is good to have a photograph or any merchandise that they’ve worn or touched (comparable to a ebook).

Place this merchandise in entrance of you and give attention to this individual and what s/he means to you. You might contact the merchandise to get extra related. If you haven’t any seen object to recollect this individual, then shut your eyes and picture this individual smiling, completely satisfied and wholesome.

Arrange the three bowls in entrance of you. Place the pouch or cotton material close to you. With your fingers, stir one of many dried herbs together with your fingers, feeling its power and aroma seeping into your spirit. Chant the next repeatedly:

Herb that heals, heal my entire and full.

Repeat this stirring and chanting S occasions whereas visualizing your relative utterly healed and pleased. Transfer the contents of the bowl to the cotton material or pouch. Repeat with the remainder of the herbs.

When all of the herbs have been added, shut the pouch with this incantation:

My is healed, so mote it’s!

Tie the pouch tight and place it underneath the pillow of the one that is sick. If they’re distant, place it beneath your pillow. Every night time, earlier than you fall asleep, maintain the pouch and repeat the incantation as soon as.


Source by Rose Ariadne