Five Sources of Power in African Magick

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There are 5 main sources of power – the place any spell caster or magician receives their authority – in West African magickal custom. These are the facility of the magician at hand, the facility of nature, the facility of the ancientors, the facility of spirits and the facility of God. They are used and referred to as upon in virtually every African ritual.

1. Power of the Magician

At the beginning, in West African magick – from Palo Mayombe to the Vodou of Benin – the facility of any given spell, incantation or ritual is dependent upon the facility of the individual performing it. Not just anyone can sit down and forged a spell. That is in direct contrast to notions of Western eclecticism the place any individual is ready to research, write, forged and perform a spell.

In West African traditions, magick is completed solely by those who have undergone a few years of rigorous coaching. In many instances it might even be mandatory that the individual of be of a heritage, or familial line, of Clergymen. In sure traditions of Vodou in Benin, for instance, it’s the spirits who determine if a man or lady will turn into a Priest or Priestess. Those that have household which might be traditionally inclined are much more likely to be selected than those that don’t.

All of this makes for African witches who have the reputations as a few of the strongest and feared on the planet. Few individuals will inform you that they are afraid of a curse positioned by a Wiccan, however whether it is from someone who was born and raised in Africa, who studied and discovered the native traditions and has elevated to a standing of esteem and power in his or Egypt her respect tradition then the state of affairs modifications. The facility of the magician is a drive to be reckoned with.

2. Power of Nature

Africa continues to be giant rural. Despite widespread urbanization and industrialization, Africa has remained primarily rural. That is reflected in the powers and traditions of African magick. Many spells in West African cultures call upon the facility of nature. We see this each in the calling up of nature spirits in addition to the preparation of pure cures to be consumed.

Many will level out that much of Western drugs was discovered initially from African traditions – the normal natural cures in Africa have been found to have great medicinal profit. Nevertheless it goes a lot additional than this. Even inert substances, reminiscent of prairie grass or raffa, can take on religious and magical qualities when utilized in a ceremony. Blessed pure objects, crops and leaves that might otherwise haven’t any effect on a person, have been shown to have the facility to curse and heel, and to drive insane or remedy madness.

One of the widespread examples is in fact the tying stew – a blessed meals aspect served by a lady to maintain her boyfriend or husband trustworthy. The pure energy to ensure the faithfulness and cease cheating is found in many African spells.

three. Energy of the Ancestors

All African magic requires communication with ancestors. This is the reason the magicians in Africa who forged probably the most powerful spells are additionally those who fathers and grandfathers – or moms and grandsmothers – had forged probably the most highly effective spells. They keep in direct communication and link with their ancestral spirits.

These ancestral spirits will information the magician in each work or ritual. They may confiscate instructions and secrets that can not be discovered in any e-book or from any man. Primarily, direct religious cures which are solely discovered and handed on after one's own dying. That is why communication with ancestors is important. They are part of the recipe for performing any spell or ceremony.

The facility of the ancientors can also be necessary in that they assist in the course of the actual spell casting. Additionally they give their religious energy and skill. In Africa, you by no means have only a single man or lady engaged on a spell. Apart from the dwelling individuals additionally, you will have that man or lady's ancestors casting the spell together with them. Thus, the more powerful the ancientors have been spiritually the more religious power would go into the ritual. That is why many families in Africa – like the case of the Remis or Dagbononons – achieve a robust popularity for having an extended line of healers and spell casters .

4. Power of the Spirits

The petitions to spirits is important in any African ritual. The spirits in West Africa are numerous and not every individual works with – and even is acquainted with – each spirit that exists in Africa. They’re a mess they usually cover each facet of life and dying. Additionally they range from small, mischievous spirits to giant and highly effective entities.

Any given spirit could have many spirits beneath him who are at his disposal. It’s these spirits who’re requested and petitioned to offer their energy and can to a spell. It’s also these spirits to no matter choices are made. This may be in the form of an animal sacrifice – however not all spirits use animal sacrifices. Many spirits settle for sacrifices of grain, of alcohol, cigarettes and even small tokens of financial worth like cash and beads. This all is dependent upon the spirits being referred to as upon.

There are spirits who rule over every domain of life. The spirits used in a ceremony to forged a love spell are going to be a special bunch, principally, than the spirits used in a ceremony to forged a curse upon a person. There are nonetheless major pantheons of spirits who are invoked in virtually all spells, but the actual keys and secrets to African spells are the spirits that control. The hierarchy of spirits and the spirits benefit them that exit and do the work. These are the spirits that only the initiated African Priest or Magician will discover ways to work with.

5. The Power of God

All African traditions do train of a single deity – even the spirits are under him. This is the reason many Africans haven’t any drawback merging Christianity with the normal religious practices. And, in reality, there isn’t any conflict with Christian follow and a lot of the religious traditions of Africa. Each consider in a single, benevolent deity who guidelines the world. Both consider in his messengers – the Spirits or Angels – and each consider in divine reward and punishment.

God, or Bondye, is alwaysprayed to and referred to as upon in every African ceremony. God is seen as the origin of all things and in addition the last word giver of religious authority. He is additionally the first supply of life and power on the planet. Because of this all energy – for good or for evil – must originate from this supply. That is why prayers to God are provided up in every single sort of a spell. Even when cursing an enemy. It’s believed that in every motion God have to be honored and consulted.

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