Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

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With examples such because the violence at Virginia Tech, hundreds of thousands of Americans and other people around the globe are asking, “What’s the trigger?”

We are a nation inundated with violence from each angle. One manifestation of that is the present ever-growing reputation of violent horror movies. In reality, based on an article I just lately learn in a serious paper, “the extra violent the higher.”

Graphic photographs of violence within the media at the moment are widespread place, and our senses have grow to be deadened to depictions of violence. Is it any marvel that since Generation Y (or the Internet Generation) has grown up their complete lives watching graphic violence in their very own dwelling rooms night time after night time, that this is able to be programmed into them as “regular?”

To add to that phenomenon, as a nation we have spent the final half a decade completely consumed with the “warfare on terror.” Our information brings terror into our dwelling rooms each single night time.

“You can’t remedy an issue from the identical degree of considering that created it.”–Albert Einstein

As Americans, we’re surrounded by this “conflict,” and but the best terror we expertise is in our personal houses and airports. I journey over 200 days per yr, and I can’t inform you what number of occasions my luggage have been “terrorized” and ransacked… all within the identify of nationwide safety.

Every single time I’m within the airport of late, I hear the announcement repeated again and again, “The TSA has raised the safety menace degree to orange.” What the heck does orange imply, and the way are the colours determined? I’ve by no means heard of the menace degree as something aside from orange (as near purple on the seen spectrum with out being purple). Will it ever drop to sky blue, white or pink? Doubtful. That would not be scary sufficient.

Terror has now crept into our college system at nice magnitude and the message is loud and clear that we should get up!

In my e-book Practical Spirituality, I wrote a chapter entitled “Stand ‘For’ Something Versus ‘Against’ It.” If our full consideration continues to focus upon terror, we feed the beast… It’s a raging bonfire, and we’re throwing one other go browsing it day after day, week after week.

Bottom line: The “warfare on terror” feeds and propagates terror… Violence in our media and in our houses feeds and creates extra violence.

I’m not suggesting that the “warfare on terror” or some other single philosophy is completely and utterly liable for the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is the result of a momentum of power that has pumped violence and terror into our houses and minds over time. The Virginia Tech incident is the REAL “code orange.”

And if we do not get up quickly, it is going to solely proceed to accentuate.

The solely approach to cease the insanity is to extend our consciousness and shift our focus. And plainly our pals throughout the pond are heading in the right direction. A member of Tony Blair’s cupboard, International Development Secretary Hilary Benn, stated they’re not utilizing the time period “warfare on terror.” According to Benn, “the phrase strengthens terrorists by making them really feel a part of a much bigger wrestle.” It’s undoubtedly a step in the fitting path.

I encourage every particular person to launch the “struggle on terror” from their vocabulary and minds and start specializing in “propagating peace.” As we start to shift our particular person consciousness, we shift the consciousness of our nation and, ultimately, the consciousness of our planet. It might not happen in a single day, however allow us to start…

“You can’t remedy an issue from the identical degree of considering that created it.” –Albert Einstein

To your continued wealth and happiness, James Arthur Ray

Source by James Ray

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