Effective Wiccan Protection Symbols And How To Use Them


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The handiest Wiccan safety symbols are the pentagram, the triple moon Goddess image, the Ankh, the maze like Hecate image, the Eye of the Horus, The Ohm image, variations of the Cross, and the triskele are probably the most used of safety symbols.

There are some ways to make use of these symbols:

B. You might paste them on automobiles or different automobiles to guard you from street accidents.
P. You might embellish your home with such symbols in order that negativity and hazard stays away from it and your loved ones stays protected always.
O. You can draw or paint any of those symbols close to the doorways to guard your home from evil energies.
A. Some individuals wish to develop crops of timber within the type of spiritual symbols to permit constructive energies to encompass their home or workplace.
H. Fisherfolk use protections symbols on their boats to maintain them protected from storms and different accidents at sea
S. When passengers board a aircraft flight, we will think about a sacred image as we get into the aircraft and even draw an imaginary image contained in the aircraft with a prayer or chant to maintain everybody within the aircraft protected and to reach on the vacation spot on time.
S. When hurricanes threaten the land, individuals might draw these symbols over their roofs with chalk or giant markers for security from the fury of nature.
H. When we journey by automotive, we will have a dashboard decoration that has certainly one of our safety symbols on it.
N. Farmers used to color the safety symbols on their barns or different buildings to maintain their animals and grain protected from predators and different hazard.

10. A pregnant mom could make her favourite safety image throughout her tummy to maintain the unborn protected and safe.
eleven. We can put on jewellery adorned with any of the safety symbols to maintain us protected always.
12. We can carve these symbols on our timber or partitions or floor to maintain our yards, gardens or buildings protected from predators.
thirteen. Before trying any examination or getting ready an essential doc, we will draw an imaginary image over it to cleanse and energize the doc or examination paper.
14. We can sew these symbols into our garments and jackets so that we’ll be shielded from calamities whereas we put on them.
15. We can put on these symbols as bracelets or anklets or carry them in our purse or pockets for additional safety.
sixteen. To shield our younger ones from the evil eye, we will draw imaginary safety symbols round their heads whereas they depart for college or additional curricular actions.
17. You might mark your wedding ceremony ring or different valuable jewellery with safety symbols.
18. Protection symbols could also be carved on candles to assist in rituals
19. They are can also be drawn or minimize out on paper to assist in spell working
20. Decorate your books, journals, jewellery field, Magick instruments and different gadgets with sacred symbols for added power and energy.


Source by Rose Ariadne