Divination Through Tea Leaves

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Next time you wash the tea cups after consuming, you could be lacking your probability to predict your future. The tea leaves have been instruments of fortune telling because the 17thcentury. This artwork of predicting can also be well-known by names of tasseomancy or tasseography.The time period derives from the French phrase tasse (cup), which in flip derives from the Arabic tassa (cup). Tasseography, in any other case often known as tasseomancy or tassology, is the artwork of tea leaf studying. “Tasse” or “tass” is an Arab root, which means small cup or goblet.

It is essentially based mostly on psychic instinct. Tea is poured within the cup with out utilizing a strainer. The one that seeks his fortune consumes the tea, letting the leaves stay on the backside. The diviner observes the sample shaped on the base and refers to some commonplace symbols whereas observing. Snake (enmity or falsehood), spade (luck by means of business), mountain (journey or hindrance), home (change, success) are among the many widespread.

Another recognized method is depart some moisture within the cup. It permits the leaves to be rustled. Later, the cup is upturned in a saucer. The reader picks up the cup and observes the formation. Formations could be in type of geometry shapes, strains, numbers and so on. Straight strains point out cautious planning and peace of thoughts, whereas a cup form signifies love and concord. Many such different varieties assist in predictions.

To precisely predict, one should comply with the primary impressions of the formation within the cup, because the second guess might introduce your acutely aware.

Source by Baba Shukla

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