Discovering The Wiccan Religion


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There was as soon as a time, when magickal beings began showing on earth; clever ones who knew that since they got here from nature and would return to nature it was pressing that they did not have an effect on the fragile stability of all that constituted our surroundings on this paradise. They revered the land, the seasons, celebrated the Sun and the Moon and held all animals sacred to their hearts.

As civilizations grew and selfishness and greed enveloped the world, wars and destruction turned widespread and human beings discovered weapons to kill one another and considered themselves as civilized and superior societies. They created new religions and virtually destroyed the previous magickal cultures.

Deep of their hearts, a few of these beings nonetheless held on to previous beliefs and traditions which have been the key to the survival of our universe. These religions have been referred to as “pagan religions” by the ignorant warlords who used the brand new religions to overcome and destroy magickal individuals they referred to as “savages” and “heathens”. They additionally tried to kill and burn individuals who didn’t consider in these new religions and referred to as them Satanic or evil to incite the widespread individuals to destroy them.

Further, they got here up with the thought of “Hell” the place individuals would go to, if they didn’t consider in these new religions.

However, magick all the time prevails. In spite of the greed and ignorance of those so referred to as “superior” religions, a few of the wiser, gentler, nature worshipping religions survived. They did not bomb one another, they did not create havoc they usually did not pollute the world. They revered the setting, taking solely sufficient, leaving a lot for others and by no means breaking the legal guidelines of nature.

Wicca is a type of nature loving religions that was practiced in Northern Europe earlier than the arrival of the center-japanese Judeo-Christian religions and is now on its option to a revival in lots of elements of the world.

The Wiccans rejoice the cycles of nature and the 4 seasons, the Sunrise and Sunset in addition to the phases of the Moon. They worship the Female Goddess in addition to the Male God, and consider that each one of us have the facility of the cosmic power that created us. “Wicca” is the previous English time period for witch. All historic religions practiced some type of magick. Most of the witches worshipped nature and seemed upon all creation as sacred.

Unlike a few of the different religions which settle for a male God and quit the whole lot to HIS will, Wiccans consider that the Goddess and God are divine powers WHO information us in our seek for religious concord and our urge to CREATE.

Nature needed to take a backseat to wars and politics whereas fundamentalists attacked one another with bombs and chemical weapons to control nature for egocentric functions. The reply to this catastrophic conduct is straightforward – to return to a peaceable, nature loving lifestyle.

Natural religions are being accepted again into cultures as a response to the large injury accomplished by trendy religions on the earth’s assets and surroundings. Wicca appears to be one of many solutions to such a dilemma.
Anyone can be a part of the Wiccan faith. Although there are teams of Wiccans (covens) that make guidelines and provoke others into this faith, there are not any primary necessities to hitch this faith aside from a craving to reside a lifetime of peace and pleasure in concord with nature.

Anyone wishing to hitch the Wicca faith can learn and research its historical past, rules and follow, carry out the self-initiation ceremony and begin training the faith instantly.

Wiccans often have sure objects which might be used for rituals and spells. To improve focus, objects resembling candles, incense, giant pots (cauldrons), cups (chalice) and pure treasures comparable to sticks, stones, wooden, and so on are used. The image of a H pointed star, referred to as a pentagram is particularly vital to this faith and is utilized in rituals and ceremonies. To emphasize the significance of those ceremonies, Wiccans use ceremonial robes and wands. There are many books and web sites on the Wiccan instruments and sacred objects utilized in rituals.

Wiccans consider that no matter we do in life, whether or not it has a constructive or adverse consequence, we get it again three-fold. This is usually referred to as the Threefold Law. Because of this perception, Wiccans all the time assume earlier than doing hurt to anybody.

Magick is the tactic of directing power that’s round us to supply a pre-decided consequence. Magick is a command that’s directed to the world with the expectation of speedy motion. It’s a reinforcement of an anticipated end result, and not using a trace of a doubt that it might not occur. Magick not a plea to an all highly effective God, it is a command to the divine Goddess of nature who’s all the time able to make it occur.

Tis the witching hour of night time,
Orbed is the moon and brilliant,
And the celebs they glisten, glisten,
Seeming with brilliant eyes to pay attention
For what pay attention they?
John Keats (1795 – 1821)

Wicca is a therapeutic custom that’s based mostly on the love of the Earth. Herbs and therapeutic crystals in addition to stones are often utilized in rituals. The extra they follow the faith, the higher they get at understanding how spirituality can restore the world. Wiccans may help heal individuals with natural cures and different holistic therapeutic strategies akin to Reiki and Meditation.


Source by Rose Ariadne