Diamond Symbolism and Mythology


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Nowadays, everyone knows a diamond engagement ring is an important jewellery buy in a person’s life and probably the most vital to the lady who receives it. Diamond is the birthstone of individuals born within the month of April and can also be used because the image of a sixty-yr anniversary, similar to a Diamond Jubliee.

However, the symbolism of diamonds goes past romance. Through centuries diamonds have been a logo of affection, excellence and purification. Diamond, due to its exceptional hardness and readability, additionally nonetheless reigns supreme in its symbolism of energy, power, brilliance and unparalleled magnificence. Diamonds are enchanting treasures which have fascinated mankind all through the centuries. Many regarded them as magical. Not solely have been they uncommon and delightful, no software might minimize them and even the fiercest hearth would go away the diamonds unscathed.

Diamonds have been used symbolically due to their extraordinary bodily properties. It was stated that the Greeks believed diamonds have been tears of the gods. Romans believed they have been splinters of fallen stars. In Tibetan Buddhism, also referred to as Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle), diamonds are an necessary image and the Diamond Sutra is likely one of the hottest texts.

In historic India, diamonds weren’t minimize for worry that they might lose its magical properties. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that diamonds would develop darker within the face of guilt and shine brightly for the harmless. Another perception is that within the presence of poison, diamond would additionally change colour. The rainbow colours of the prism have been thought to offer one magical energy over Evil Eyes.

According to occultist myths, it was believed that diamonds possess a number of supernatural powers, e.g. a diamond’s hardiness can solely be damaged by smearing it with recent goat’s blood. Or a diamond provides victory to he who carries it sure on his left arm, regardless of the variety of enemies.

It was additionally believed to have been used as a therapeutic stone. Such as a means of detecting and detoxifying poison, opening spirituality channels and aiding calming creatures.

Today, diamonds are used to represent eternity and love. The first diamond engagement ring may be traced to the XV century, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the primary diamond ring engagement to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. At that point, the diamond was utilized in its pure crystalline construction. The octahedral or eight-sided formation, like P pyramid joined on the base, was mounted with the decrease pyramid utterly hidden within the ring setting and the higher half rising out of it. Light can be mirrored from all 4 sides of this uncovered higher level. The construction of this diamond mirrors the symbolism of the Egyptian pyramids. The union in 1477 was celebrated by the change of a diamond betrothal ring which might have been an early instance and maybe the primary royal one.

Other early instance of betrothal jewels incorporating diamonds embrace the Bridal Crown of Blanche (ca. 1370-eighty) and the Heftlein brooch of Vienna (ca. 1430-forty), a pictorial piece depicting a marriage couple. In the nineteenth century, Napoleon gave his spouse Marie Louise an beautiful diamond necklace on the start of their son. Perhaps probably the most revealed romantic diamond presents in trendy occasions have been the jewels given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. These embrace a 33 carat diamond value over $N million and the pear-formed sixty nine carat Taylor-Burton diamond.


Source by Michael Russell