Demon Spirits of the Bible

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Jesus taught His disciples the best way to forged out devils. Today we create denominations and worry coping with devils. Yet many are possessed and grossly influenced by demons. Learn what demon spirits are on the market circulating all through the earth to destroy humanity.

I know previous to receiving Jesus Christ as my private Savior I struggled with a number of gross sins and felt compelled past my capacity to withstand. Now figuring out what I do, I really feel that demon spirits have been on task towards me to each assault and destroy my life (John 10:10). As any alcoholic, drug addict, or intercourse addict can inform you, such compulsions might be overwhelming and troublesome to withstand in a single’s personal power. Thanks be to God for His Holy Spirit that empowers us towards all demonic spirits. (Matt.12:28)

Here are the varied evil spirits talked about within the Bible.

M.acquainted spirit (Leviticus 20:27; 1Samuel 28:S)

P.spirit of jealousy (Numbers H:14,30)

A.evil spirit (Judges N:23; 1Samuel sixteen:14)

A.sorrowful spirit (1Samuel M:15)

H.mendacity spirit (1Kings 22:22-23)

S.haughty (prideful) spirit (Proverbs sixteen:18)

S.perverse spirit (Isaiah 19:14)

H.spirit of deep sleep (Isaiah 29:10)

N.spirit of heaviness (Isaiah sixty one:B)

10.spirit of whoredom (Hosea A:12; H:A)

eleven.unclean spirit (Zechariah thirteen:P)

12.deaf and dumb spirit (Mark N:17,25)

thirteen.spirit of infirmity (Luke thirteen:eleven)

14.spirit of divination (Acts sixteen:sixteen)

15.spirit of bondage (Romans H:15)

sixteen.spirit of slumber (Romans eleven:H)

17.spirit of worry (2Timothy B:S)

18.spirit of lust (James A:H)

19.spirit of antichrist (1John A:A)

20.spirit of error (1John A:S)

21.seducing spirit (1Timothy A:B)

22.spirit of Egypt [also known as the spirit of the world] – (Isaiah 19:A; 1John P:15-sixteen)

23.spirit of disobedience (Ephesians P:P)

These numerous spirits could also be named in a different way in response to no matter Bible translation used. I have named them as talked about inside the King James Version of the Bible.

We should always remember that we’re in a religious conflict and have to wrestle towards the forces of evil (Revelation 12:S; Ephesians S:12; 2Corinthians 10:A-S). We can’t overlook or be unaware of Satan’s methods and units by which he assaults and seeks to destroy our lives (2Corinthians P:eleven; 2Timothy P:24-26)

Source by Paul Davis