Defining Applied Occult Metaphysics


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Applied Occult Metaphysics: A Potential Definition

Metaphysics and the Metaphysical Sciences are the research of the conceptual, theoretical, philosophical, psychological religious truths, common legal guidelines, the occult, the supernatural, and the supra-pure. It is the philosophical and scientific research of Cosmology which is a department of metaphysics that offers with the character of the universe and a doctrine describing the pure order of the universe. Epistemology is the research or a principle of the character and grounds of data particularly close to its limits and validity), Ontology (a department of metaphysics involved with the character and relations of being) involved with existence and information which is past (meta) the bodily realm of being. Metaphysics and Metaphysical Science search to research, perceive, and clarify the character of being, the character of common, and our cosmic existence. Metaphysics seeks to unite the religious, bodily, and psychological self-hoods of human beings into holism. Metaphysics is among the oldest sciences in human tradition, historical past, and theology. Metaphysical Science is an utilized psychology and philosophy of faith, theology, and spirituality. One who’s expert in and who has an experience in metaphysics and the metaphysical sciences is called a “Metaphysician”.

Occult Metaphysics (i.e., the Occult Sciences) encompasses all the above terminology plus the practitioner’s supernal intelligence, psychic will, perception in, information and use of the elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and the Natural Laws together with the help of “supernatural” or religious forces inside the cosmic universe. Keep in thoughts that the practitioner doesn’t essentially should petition, invoke, or evoke the assistance of the spirit realm or an entity (deity, angel, faerie, daemon, and so forth.).

Therefore, Applied Occult Metaphysics is the sensible software, for instance, of the follow of Witchcraft, Divination, Astrology, Spellwork, Ritualwork, Spiritual Mediumship and Trance-state Meditation, Alchemy, and naturally the various different types of sensible Magick, Occultism, and Esoteric Mysticism (corresponding to, the Corpus Hermeticum ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus who’s synonymous with Tehuti or Thoth).


Source by Dr. Kheti A. Sahure