Dangers of Wicca

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I’ve seen a lot of people wanting up the risks of Wicca, and thought it might be a good suggestion to dispel a few of the misunderstandings individuals have. Sadly, the individuals who assume Wicca is harmful in the first place aren’t going to be satisfied when someone tells them in any other case. So the evangelicals can maintain spreading their bizarre ideas, and other people will still consider them.

Who knows, perhaps somebody will discover this page and truly study a bit fact as an alternative of ridiculous claims that church web sites wish to make.

So what are the risks of Wicca. Properly, none actually. It’s a religion very similar to another, and that is about it. There’s nothing notably harmful about it at all. There isn’t any satan-worship nor any dealings with evil spirits. There isn’t a devil at all, to be trustworthy. We don’t consider in such a being so how can we become involved with that? That’s a Christian idea, for probably the most part, that doesn’t apply to Wicca.

We don’t go round making blood sacrifices or anything like that both. No less than not often. Curses and hexes could also be part of somebody’s follow, but they’re extra typically in the minority.

The primary “danger” is that we’re dabbling in dangerous forces which might be evil. The truth is that the energies of the Universe are neither harmful nor evil, so that is mindless in any respect. Are there dangerous spirits out there? I am pretty positive there are. However getting involved in them just isn’t part of the Wiccan pan.

Now, in case you are talking about youngsters dabbling around in some half-cocked version of Satanism that’s extra film-based mostly than anything, then that’s an entire other story. I’m not saying that’s actually harmful both, just a totally different state of affairs. Summoning a demon is not going to work by studying some printout you discovered on a Wikipedia web page, so what is the harm?

Actually, should you take a while to seek out out what Wicca is about (worshipping a God and Goddess, honoring seasons, and so forth), you will find very little to fret about. When you’re frightened simply because it isn’t Christian, nicely there is not a lot we will do about that.

If somebody you recognize is taken with Wicca, there’s nothing to worry (apart from the strange dabbling teenager varieties). True Wicca just isn’t harmful, harmful or dangerous in any approach. You may need to read a ebook by Carl McColman titled, “When Somebody You Love is Wiccan”. It’s a terrific introduction to people who are interested in it for others.

Source by Terri Wilson

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