Dagara Divination

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Dagara Cowrie Shell Divination

Dagara cowrie shell divination is an historic divination system used for hundreds of years by the Dagara individuals of West Africa to entry the undering religious currents in a single's life. It’s a device for therapeutic, improvement and empowerment. It’s a system which reconnects humanity with their religious blueprint, also called future or life plan. It permits one to know if one is on their path and if not, the steps which have to be finished to get again on one's future path. The Dagara divination system is predicated on the Dagara Drugs wheel, a cosmological mannequin of the universe which categorical the interplay of the elemental religious parts of existence. It’s believed that the interplay of those parts give rise to the varied phenomena in our world. A key to understanding this interplay is thru divination.

What’s divination?

Is it superstition, witchcraft or magic? Physicists say that tough ninety nine.9 % of the recognized universe is what we name darkish matter. All the stars, planets, and different recognized matter of the universe include solely.1 % of the mass of the universe! The implications of this assertion are astounding in expressing our triviality. If we will equate darkish matter with the spirit world then we will then really see how necessary and huge the realm of spirit is within the understanding of our existence on this universe.

The artwork of division permits one to entry the knowledge hidden inside the religious realm of the universe. It’s the Yin power of the universe which explains the Yang. Yin is the female power of the universe which is hidden. Yang is the masculine power of the universe which is seen. For hundreds of years Africans and indigenous individuals all over the world have used divination as a software for accessing hidden info as method of therapeutic and enhancing the lifetime of man. Whereas there are various who disapprove using divination, resulting from seemingly strategy to God's omniscience. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep in mind that the very function of divination is to assist forestall one from encountering hazard which can be on their solution to the shopper.

In a single method to perceive how divination works is to check the universe as an enormous ocean. In that ocean each transfer causes a ripple or wave have an effect on within the water that impacts or lifts every part else within the ocean regardless of how huge or small. Each act that happens is a ripple within the ocean of life and division can determine that ripple.

One other approach to perceive how divination works is to see the spirit world as a double of the bodily phrase. Each motion within the bodily world is assumed to precede by the identical motion within the religious world first. For instance as you learn this text, this might imply that your religious counterpart learn this text first within the religious realm. This is the reason divination can typically supply prophetic info.

Dagara Drugs Wheel

Dagara cowrie shell divination is a way for the ancestors to information man. It’s consider that the ancientors are considered one of our strongest religious allies. They help the event of our tradition and lives to insure it's success. The Dagara divination system is predicated on the Dagara Drugs wheel, a cosmological mannequin of the universe which categorical the weather. The weather and their associations are listed under:

Hearth- Consultant of the ancestral realm. Additionally signifies ardour, instinct, drive and vitality.

Earth- Consultant of our planet as an entire and in addition our houses. Signifies our residence, group and nurturing spirit.

Water- Consultant of the therapeutic and reconciliation presence of water. Signifies peace, cleaning and move.

Mineral- Consultant of communication, storytelling and psychological formulation. Signifies all media, speaking and reminiscence.

Nature- Consultant of the artistic expression of 1's presents in addition to transformation. Signifies transformation, our skills, magic and creativity.

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