Creation of the Universe – Day Eight of God's Creation


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Giving of Life

The Lord God created the whole lot in six days and rested on the seventh day, however he didn’t impart life, by the giving of the Holy Ghost, till the eighth day of creation. (Genesis P: A-S) How do we all know this? By the scriptures.

The eighth day is the day that the Lord God breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life and man turned a dwelling soul.

The scriptures are clear that every day of creation is a thousand years. (II Peter O: H and Psalms ninety: A) If the breath of life was given to Adam on the sixth day he would have lived nicely over one thousand years. The Bible teaches that Adam lived 9 hundred thirty years. (Genesis H: H)

The eighth day is critical within the Bible. God made a covenant with Abram when Abram was ninety-9 years previous. God blessed Abram and altered Abram's identify to Abraham, a father of many countries, and made an eternal covenant with him. Abraham's a part of the covenant was to circumcise each male baby born in his home on the eighth day.

Circumcision represents the start of a brand new life and is a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the lifeless. (Genesis 17: M-27)

The eighth day is the start of a brand new week. A day when life is imparted. Jesus was resurrected on the primary day of the week. (John 20: B-17, Mark sixteen: B-thirteen, Matthew 28: B-10) It was the primary day of the week when Jesus breathed on his disciples and stated, "obtain ye the Holy Ghost." (John 20: 19-23)

The sacrifices beneath the Old Testament present the significance of the eighth day by stating that a sacrificial lamb have to be eight days or extra earlier than it could possibly be accepted as an providing to the Lord. (Leviticus 22:27) Thus God is revealing that with out the eighth day, or resurrection, the sacrifice is meaningless. (Romans 10: N)

An Allegory

It is superb that the entire creation factors towards the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Just because the creation was completed on the sixth day – so additionally Jesus said, "It is completed." whereas he held on the cross on the sixth day of the week.

Just because the seventh day of creation is a day of relaxation – so additionally Christ's physique rested within the grave on the seventh day.

Just because the breath of life was given to man on the eighth day – so additionally Christ rose from the lifeless on the eighth day, (or first day of the week).

Although the creation is an precise occasion, God in his nice knowledge makes use of the creation to disclose himself by means of Jesus Christ. From the revealing of his triune nature on the primary day via the giving of life by the Lord inhaling man's nostrils on the eighth day all the things God created reveals himself via Jesus Christ. "All issues have been made by him; and with out him was not something made that was made." (John B: A)

Christ and his redemptive work are the message of the Bible from starting to finish.

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