Cowry Shell Jewelry


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Cowry shells are subsequent in our collection on African clothes and niknaks. Let's contemplate the historical past of the cowry shell.

The cowry is definitely the shell of a mollusk or snail. The shells are available numerous colours. They shells of cowries have been used for hundreds of years as a type of foreign money. They have been initially utilized in Africa for this function and later utilized in historic China and India as foreign money. History tells us that the merchants of Africa most popular cowry shells as foreign money even when gold or silver have been additionally provided as prospects. In historic Egypt, the shells have been thought to include magical properties.

Explorers have uncovered hundreds of cowry shells contained in the Pharaoh's tombs. Cowries are reputed to have additionally been utilized in ceremonies and for divination functions. They are additionally believed to have been used as talismans to keep off dangerous spirits. Not unexpectedly, due to the great thing about these shells, they have been often used for making jewellery.

In Europe, Cowry shells have been typically born as necklace amulets to keep off the evil eye and / or to convey luck when making an attempt to have youngsters. The cowry shell is sort of sturdy and may be loved for a few years.

These shells at the moment are seen adorning necklaces, earrings, and different equipment. When you choose a cowry shell necklace or belt, you’ll be positive to seek out others admiring it. Their position in African historical past makes them an excellent addition to any African clothes wardrobe.

African cowry shell necklaces and belts are an ideal addition to any African jewellery instantly tells others that you’re pleased with what you’re and that you really want others to find out about your tradition. The mysterious, magical cowry shell necklace or belt won’t solely add taste to your outfit, however it should imbue you with a few of the magic and wonder that they characterize. Add a number of cowry designs to your African clothes wardrobe at present!


Source by Shayla Williams