Clubs In Cartomancy – Tarot Reading With The Suit Of Wealth And Success


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Cartmonancy is the artwork of using regular enjoying playing cards in divination. The Golf equipment go well with is taken into account the channel of wealth and success in a studying. Study the varied meanings of the varied Membership playing cards in a shopper’s reading.

Tarot Playing cards and Cartomancy

Simply as trendy enjoying cards developed from the tarot deck, so too did Cartomancy develop from Tarot reading. When the easier to supply enjoying card deck turned a standard family merchandise, a system of reading the playing cards for divination was derived. This oral tradition was passed down for many years until it was revealed by numerous sources. The meanings shown listed here are the ones most usually recognized in present sources. Keep in mind, two major issues make cartomancy easier to read than the tarot; there are not any Major Arcana playing cards for interpretation, and there are not any reverse meanings of playing cards to study.

Golf equipment as Shopper Cards

When a reading is carried out, we chose a shopper card to put in the middle of the format to characterize the individual for whom the studying is completed. Custom holds that the shopper card is picked from among the king and Queen playing cards within the 4 fits. The King of Clubs is often chosen to symbolize a darkish haired younger man; while the Queen of Golf equipment is used to characterize a darkish haired younger lady. If both of those playing cards is used for the shopper card, it becomes a placeholder on the table, and isn’t interpreted as a part of the studying. In fact, if the card isn’t the chosen shopper card, will probably be interpreted as is proven under.

Meanings of the Membership Playing cards

Listed under are the cards within the go well with of clubs and their common which means in a reading. Word that Golf equipment usually predict success or failure in cash, business, and professional relationships. The Ace of Golf equipment is the prime card of this go well with; It predicts wealth, good well being, and constant relationships in the close to future. The King of Clubs, when utilized in a studying, predicts an encounter with an trustworthy and generous dark haired man, often a younger man. The Queen of Golf equipment requires an encounter with a horny, assured, darkish haired younger lady. The Jack of Clubs indicates an encounter with a loyal pal who might be trusted to assist you. The Ten of Clubs is the “fortune” card; it predicts sudden sudden cash or good luck will come to you. The 9 of Clubs indicates some holdup in your plans because of the stubbornness of associates or enterprise companions. The Eight of Golf equipment is the “Danger” card; indicating failure and opposition to your plans. It indicates that you’re taking reckless possibilities with something which can come to harm. The seven of Golf equipment signifies possibilities for prosperity offered you avoid the interference of a lady near you. The six of Golf equipment requires common success in enterprise ventures. The five of Clubs calls for someone new to enter the image, a new pal or a successful liaison with the other sex. The three of Clubs foretells marriage, both literally or figuratively. Lastly, the two of Golf equipment is the harbinger of opposition and disappointment. Your plans will in all probability be thwarted in the brief term.


Golf equipment, along with the opposite suits in the card deck can provide clues that a reader will use to paint a full and insightful reading.


Source by Keith Abbott