Celtic Wicca – A Unique and Intricate Path


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If you realize something about phrase etymology, you’d know that the phrase “Celtic” is derived from the Greek phrase “Keltoi” and it refers back to the individuals who lived past the Alps. In trendy geography, Keltoi included France, Germany and northern Italy; however didn’t initially embrace Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England because the Greeks have been unaware of its existence altogether.

The phrases “Celtic Wicca” and “Celtic Witchcraft” are sometimes used interchangeably, however are in fact not one and the identical. Wicca is a contemporary neo-pagan motion, based by Gerald Gardner. Celtic Wicca refers to a selected Wiccan path which includes a number of of the weather of the Celtic Tradition into their practices, beliefs and rituals. Celtic Witchcraft, then again, is the normal Craft as practiced by Celtic Witches for hundreds of years, maybe even millennia. There are sadly only a few of the unique and really conventional Celtic Witches round at the moment.

The traditions, practices and beliefs of Celtic Wicca are comparatively numerous and to some extent depending on the lineage of the coven. Each coven inside a single lineage can also have their very own particular deities, rituals, traditions, practices and beliefs. The very nature of Wicca promotes eclecticism – regardless of the trail that’s adopted.

Strong spirituality, a reverence for the Earth and respect for the whole lot the earth incorporates, type the idea of Celtic Wicca. An integral a part of this faith is the love for and worship of Celtic Goddesses and Gods.

The pantheon is three tiered. On the primary tier one can find the youngsters and topics of Danu / Anu (the Mother Goddess) and Dagda (the Father God). On the second tier are the youngsters of the primary tier Gods and Goddesses. They typically ran into people and nature spirits. Nature spirits type the third tier of the pantheon.

The Celts rejoice the Triple Goddess. She is Danu/Anu in Her maiden facet, Badb in Her mom facet and Ceridwen in Her crone facet.

Although there have been some historic “battles of the sexes” within the conventional Celtic Witchcraft, Celtic Wicca opted for parity and peace. Unlike Dianic Wicca, in which there’s both feminine dominance or exclusivity, Celtic Wicca has a gender-equal perception. Of curiosity within the Celtic pantheon is that the feminine goddesses are the soldiers (Badb, Brigantia, Macha, Nemain and so forth.) and in addition that the Goddesses have a number of portfolios (Brigid = Healing, Fertility, Poetry and the Forge), whereas the Gods usually solely have a single activity to perform.


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