Celtic Symbols


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Druidism sits on the core of Celtic traditions and tradition and their existence could be traced again so far as 2,000 BCE (years earlier than the Christian period). Nevertheless, a lot of what we find out about them as we speak we owe to the symbols they left behind. Historic Celts had no written phrases, however they depicted of their symbols a deep reverence for nature, the universe, the world round them and their relationship with the whole lot and each other.

The arrival of Roman invasions and persecution prompted these historic individuals to scatter and settle in distant lands. Over time they have been transformed to Christianity and most of the historic beliefs and practices have been all however misplaced. Nevertheless, Christianity itself took on lots of their symbols and attributed their very own meanings.

Despite the fact that there’s tangible proof of pagan symbolism what is understood comes principally from mythology and folklore. Celtic symbology and Celtic symbols with which means are right now a supply of a lot debate worldwide.

Celtic Tradition

The Celts have been expert individuals, grasp craftsmen, profitable warriors, farmers, builders and artists. They shared religious traditions and lived in concord with nature. Nevertheless they have been thought-about uncivilized as a consequence of their beliefs and their way of life. They have been thought-about pagan due to the Druids and their practices.

It was to the Druids that folks turned for knowledge and council and it was they who made up the clan elders, astronomers, diviners, healers, historians, musicians, philosophers and keepers of the secrets and techniques of the universe. They have been removed from being pagan though their practices might have appeared so.

The lifetime of the traditional Celt was rooted in custom and mysticism. They revered their ancestors and the earth and the issues on it have been attributed with nice powers. They believed within the interconnectedness of man and his environment and used symbols as a option to illustrate it.

Celtic symbols with which means have been a option to proceed their traditions and clarify their interlacing and complex relationship with that round them.

Celtic Symbology

The Celtic tradition was all however misplaced with the looks of the Romans and later because of Christianity. Whereas a lot of their symbology exists, the precise meanings not do. What has been preserved nevertheless has been salvaged from Celts such because the tribes from Nice Britain and Eire. What they might, they put into writing within the Center Ages.

It’s thanks to those writings that at present we all know that that they had no written type; in reality it’s recognized that the Druids have been forbidden from writing. Because of this they turned to symbolism as a type of speaking their concepts and beliefs.

Celtic image with meanings

Early Druids have been the keepers of all issues religious which they handed on. So as to take action and the absence of the written phrase they used symbols to take action. One of many earliest Celtic symbols that right now has nice which means is the tree of life. So highly effective is that this image that it has transgressed cultures. But its which means is rooted in Celtic symbology. The druids and Celts believed timber have been dwelling entities endowed with nice powers. Not solely have been they gatekeepers of the current world, the underworld and the gods, however they have been capable of give and maintain life.

The Solar Cross is one other historic Celtic image that was used as an example the connection between spirits and the earth. consisting of a circle with a cross in its middle, the circle depicted the solar which was believed to have cosmic powers. The solar was thought-about to be the middle of the universe. The cross was meant for example the connection of the solar with self, knowledge, nature and the gods. Nevertheless, it might even have depicted the 4 seasons or the 4 instructions.

Celtic Knots in Celtic Image which means

Celtic knots are maybe probably the most identifiable of all Celtic symbols and held nice which means. The strands that made up a knot have been intertwined with each other which symbolized safety and unity. Additionally it is stated to represent how the whole lot is interconnected. But Celtic symbols seen depicted in knot work are extra Christian than pagan in origin.

Celtic Symbols seen in Spirals

Round 500 BCE Celtic symbols began taking the type of swirling patterns which they used to represent their religious connection to the pure world. Though not as properly referred to as knot work, the spiral is probably the oldest of all Celtic image designs. For a lot of the Celtic image and meanings hooked up to the spiral depicted the stability between consciousness and the cosmos. Different meanings attributed to the spiral have been mystical powers able to stopping evil spirits getting into sacred tombs. They might additionally signify the seasons of life, the cycles of time or the three pronged spiral was stated to symbolize the three levels of womanhood, the holy trinity or three cycles of life.


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