Basic Beliefs of Pagans and Wiccans

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Believe it or not, it’s exceptionally troublesome to put in writing a web page on “primary beliefs” for pagans. The major purpose is as a result of there are such all kinds of particular person beliefs in paganism, and so many various paths, that it’s troublesome to write down a web page on particular beliefs. However there are a couple of sure common pagan beliefs that I will try and cowl on this web page.

As far as diety is worried, most pagans consider in A Goddess, and a God. Instead of the Christian perception the place there’s solely ONE supreme being and that he’s male, pagans select to consider that every little thing in nature has a duality…a female and male aspect, and subsequently so ought to Spirit. Although believing in each a Goddess and God are central to pagan beliefs, it must be famous that there are feminist pagan teams who solely consider in a Goddess, and different teams that consider that there are numerous Gods and lots of Goddesses (representing totally different features of nature).

Another perception that’s common to paganism is known as “The Wiccan Rede”, and it goes like this:

“Eight phrases the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An’ it hurt none,
Do what ye will.
Blessed Be to thee .”

That is definitely the shortened model, nevertheless you’ll be able to lookup the complete model on almost any search engine. Since pagans should not have an extended record of guidelines to reside by like many different mainstream religions, this one rede is universally accepted by pagans as a “ethical code”. In essence, it means “As lengthy as you hurt NO ONE (together with your self, different individuals, animals, crops, or something dwelling), then you could do what you want.” Pagans take this creed to coronary heart. For occasion, most pagans won’t do love spells, as a result of it intereferes with free will, which harms somebody.

Another a part of the complete model of the Wiccan Rede talks concerning the threefold regulation. This is one other perception that’s virtually universally acknowledged by pagans. The threefold regulation states that no matter your actions are, they’ll come again to you threefold. In otherwords, in the event you do a nasty deed, will probably be visited again upon you 3 times (or 3 times as dangerous!). If you do a superb deed, it’s going to likewise be returned to you threefold.

Those are the primary common beliefs of paganism. Individual pagans might embrace further beliefs and methods to worship, however these A details are the essence of paganism. All pagans additionally maintain a common excessive respect for nature, and all the things in it. We consider that the 4 parts: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, are very highly effective, and are to be revered and honored.

As said earlier than, particular person pagans might have beliefs particular to them, similar to: perception in fairies, doing rituals solely in skyclad (bare!), concentrate on natural magick, and lots of others.

Source by Stephanie Davies

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