A Holy Water Ritual (Part I)

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I. Ingredients Needed:

B-M/P cups of spring, nicely, river, creek, faucet or distilled (each as a final resort) water

M sterilized glass measuring cup (for dishing out the finished Holy Water later)

M or extra small sterilized glass storage bottles

A tbsp. Kosher rock salt or sea salt

B sterilized earthenware vessel (bowl)

B sterilized earthenware pot

M sterilized tablespoon

B sterilized teaspoon

P tsp. of Rose Water

M small moon mirror (for reflecting the moonlight upon the water if the Full Moon just isn’t in an optimum place particularly if working indoors or for scrying)

Note A:

Holy Water might be ready by anybody nevertheless it does have to be blessed. Traditionally in lots of religions and religious practices, Holy Water has been and may be blessed by a Witch, Clergy, Priest, Priestess, Shaman, or somebody with religious wherewithal after which energized by the sunshine of the Full Moon and the Moon Goddess. The ritual a part of this endeavor varies.

Making Rose Water could be a bit tedious in addition to time consuming; so it’s steered or non-compulsory that you simply acquire some from somebody you recognize, temple or church, or buy some from a metaphysical shoppe that really makes its personal Rose Water from pure, natural components beginning with white roses.

For the perfect outcomes, it’s preferable to get spring water from a “clear” shifting physique of water resembling a river, stream, ocean, or creek; lake or pure nicely water will do exactly effective additionally. Since many pure our bodies of water are so polluted, it’s instructed that the water is boiled at first.

Note B:

The storage bottle or bottles you employ ought to be darkish in shade–blue, brown, inexperienced, purple, or clear (as a final resort) to take care of the Holy Water’s magical properties. The bottled Holy Water may be saved at room temperature or refrigerated for later use.

Note M:

If you’re unable to carry out the consecration of the water outdoor, then improvise and carry out this indoors at your altar or someplace you deem sacred; place the vessel of or decanted bottled water in a window the place the midnight moonlight will shine upon and energize it.

II. Time & Place of Day:

Preferably, outdoor at Midnight throughout a Full Moon or indoors at your altar in case you are unable to be outdoor.

III. Preparation:

M. Cleanse and sterilize the vessel, glass measuring cup, and storage bottles with boiling water or in a dishwasher.

P. Add A tbsp. sea salt or Kosher rock salt to the pot of M-B/P cups of spring water; convey to a boil whereas stirring the salt till it dissolves within the water.

A. ALLOW THE LIQUID TO COOL DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE then add P tsp. of Rose Water, stirring it into the salted water.

A. Decant the Holy Water into the vessel then carry out your ritual.

Source by Dr. Kheti A. Sahure

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