8 Things You Should Know Before Casting Spells


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Casting spells is a studying course of for all of us previous or new to witchcraft you’ll all the time be learing one thing new. Here are some issues you must know once you begin spellcasting.

Make positive you’ve got a necessity or purpose to forged a spell.

Usually if I give it some thought rigorously, I discover out that I do not actually need to forged a spell in any respect. Or I consider a greater method to phrase it, or I make my intent clearer.

One: Always keep in mind Magick ought to improve life – not exchange it.

Two: Try the “Mundane strategy first, if that fails, then attempt Magick, however maybe there are useful classes to be discovered that you’ll miss out on when you “zap” your issues away.

Three: Perform Magickal workings solely after you’ve considered the attainable negative effects the spell might have.

Four: Take the time to obviously set out what you want to happen in order that you don’t trigger issues by way of hasty and incomplete wording.

Five: If you comply with the Wiccan Rede, keep in mind that you shouldn’t carry out any spells that may hurt others or change their free will.

Six: If you don’t comply with the Wiccan path, however consider within the A Fold Law, or Karma – contemplate any potential damaging outcomes which will end result out of your spell.

Seven: Believe that it’ll work – If a part of you is saying that the spell will not work, is feeling responsible about casting it, or you’re uncomfortable – you’ll counteract any constructive power despatched out and the spell might not work. If you do not assume it can work, it will not.

Eight: After you’ve forged the spell, let go. Don’t stroll round considering “Ohh.. ought to I have stated one thing else” Write these ideas into your spell diary, however attempt to not be consumed by the “What if… “, “I ought to have… ” and so on. of your spells.


Source by Kim K Brown