5 Things You Should Know About Wicca

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Wicca is a religion that's been around for close to one hundred years, nevertheless it's still something that a lot of people know little or no about. Here's what it is advisable to find out about Wicca!

There's lots of us!
Scholars estimate that there are in all probability 200,000 and 400,000 Wiccans in america alone, with close to 2 million worldwide. Wicca has nowhere close to the number of adherents as Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, however likelihood is that you simply've in all probability met a Wiccan sooner or later in your life, even for those who didn’t realize it!

We're not utterly protected.
Sadly, even in first-world nations like the USA where spiritual freedom is a Constitutional guarantee, Wiccans aren’t all the time completely protected. Wiccans within the US, Canada, and the UK have misplaced their jobs, confronted threats of violence, been harmed with dropping custody of their youngsters, and cope with harassment of harassment from others when the truth of their faith was made public. Due to these fears, most Wiccans hold their religion a secret, even shut friends and family members.

"Outing" a Wiccan, even in trendy societies, can place that Wiccan into grave danger. It might endanger that Wiccan's relations, and strain may be applied to a Wiccan's employer to pressure that Wiccan out of work. Sadly, I converse from personal experience, as I used to be "outed" by a Christian fundamentalist pastor, and one in every of my coven members was fired the day after collaborating in a nicely-publicized Wiccan ritual with our group.

If you meet most Wiccans, you'll by no means know. Most Wiccans don’t put on jewellery or clothes or makeup any totally different from non-Wiccans until we're going to some type of special occasion.

We're just the same as everybody else.
A few of us have jobs, and a few of us are unemployed. We work in a wide range of industries, despite government, army, regulation enforcement, and healthcare appear to be amply represented. Likelihood is that you simply've had a nurse (even at a spiritual hospital!) That was a training pagan!

We’ve got youngsters and households. We rejoice secular holidays. We’ve got our youngsters in public faculty, personal faculty, and homeschool. We look after prolonged relations. We are completely healthy and severely disabled. We’re heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, and each different permutation you possibly can think about. We’re monogamous, polyamorous, and all the things in between.

We're drinkers, recovering alcoholics, and teetolaters. We're taxpayers and convicts. Identical to the rest of society, we’ve got our good and our dangerous. There's nothing totally different or odd about us – we simply follow a special faith than most individuals.

We're a number of the most ethical individuals you'll ever meet.
Wiccans adhere to an moral principle referred to as the Wiccan Rede. It states, "An it hurt none, do what ye will." Wiccans abide by a system of morality designed to ban hurt to oneself, different individuals, or some other dwelling issues. We consider that karma will ever meet up with us, so we'd higher be nice!

We're not evangelists.
Wiccans consider that a person's religious path is a matter that's private, personal, and never up for debt. We don’t hunt down converters or attempt to persuade cowans (non-Wiccans) to hitch our church. Generally, our clergy members are unpaid volunteers, so there's no monetary benefit to them for having a large church.

Wiccans do not attempt to corrupt the morals of in the present day's youth. Though we might train and mentor young individuals when requested, we never strategy them, and most Wiccans won’t work with individuals underneath 18 or even underneath 21.

Wicca is a constructive, nature-based mostly religion that teaches the significance of free will and the duty to look after ourselves and our world.

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