3 Popular Wiccan Magic Spells


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Here are A in style Wiccan Magic Spells for you – each of the straightforward and elaborate selection. Hope you discover them helpful.

Wiccan Magic Spells # M

The following is a Scottish Wiccan love spell. In Wiccan custom the breasts are thought-about as a logo of constancy and long run dedication – marriage. That is why on this Scottish love spell, you, a lady, ought to place B ivy leaf within the cleavage of your P breasts and on the similar time chant:

“Ivy leaf, I love you true In my bosom I maintain you. The first younger man who smiles at me My future husband he shall be.”

Therefore, watch out, which good-looking man smiles at you subsequent morning!

Wiccan Magic Spells # P

The identify of the next spell is witch candle spell. You have to decide on a Friday night to carry out this spell. Take a big sheet of pink foil and place a candle on it. The candle needs to be pink or pink and formed like a witch. At the underside of the candle, you must inscribe the identify of your loved one whose love you want.

Then take adequate quantity of patchouli important oil or musk oil or rose oil and anoint the candle completely. Then you must mild the candle and chant thrice:

“Witch candle Witch candle Bright with hearth Summon the spirits To convey my want.”

Every night time one inch of the candle ought to burn down, no more than that. Let the entire candle burn down on this method until it turns into a wax puddle. Then acquire the puddle within the purple foil, wrap up the stays tightly and place the bundle safely beneath your mattress for M entire week.

Don’t ever convey it out throughout that M week. When these S days and seven nights have handed, you possibly can throw within the witch candle into operating water – say, a stream or a brook or a river and chant loudly:

“Witch candle Witch candle Let your magic bind Witch candle Witch candle Let………. (Name of your loved one) be mine.

May it’s.”

Wiccan Magic Spells # O

This Wiccan Magic Spell known as the hearth spell. You should carry out it throughout midnight at a time when the moon is waxing in Taurus or Libra. You have to collect beforehand B sort of dried root – both ginseng or serpent aria or mandrake together with P rose petals, dragon’s blood and B pinch of rosemary. Cast all of the elements right into a blazing hearth at that sacred second.

Let the magical herbs burn right down to ashes. You, in the intervening time, should loosen up and consider extraordinarily romantic ideas relating to the person who’s your object of affection and whom you need to appeal to. You may even sing out your loved one’s identify or chant his/her identify in a trance until the hearth burns out wholly. These are some examples of Wiccan Magic Spells pertaining to like.


Source by Jack Daniel Morris