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Global Climate Strike (for info of those who are interested)
September 20, 2019 at 8:00 am

'Decentralised action' between 20 September and 27 September 2019, so if interested please take a look via the website for events/actions in your local area:-



If unable to attend an event or events, there are lots of online petitions can be signed and other actions can be taken, often relatively simply, in support of this cause - please click around the above, and the following websites:-


~ Friends of the Earth

~ Greenpeace

~ World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

~ Extinction Rebellion


Also, some political figures on a local level are getting involved so please, if able, do have a look online for information as to what's happening in your local area - the following site *might* be a useful starting place:


(Finally, if you know someone who's involved with this cause and you are able to, please lend a sympathetic ear to help them try & avoid burn-out, if that's possible for you.  Thank you for reading.)

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