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Author Topic: Kemetics Vs. the World.  (Read 12019 times)


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Re: Kemetics Vs. the World.
« Reply #75 on: August 14, 2012, 11:22:03 pm »
Quote from: Stardancer;69036
Since the young of today ARE cautioned to be wary against meeting strangers they've met on the internet (AKA noone knows you're a creepy old man on the internet) - I'd be more pleased that s/he's aware of such potential problems.

Age is not relevant to whether or not someone is a stranger from the internet, of course.  A hypothetical person claiming to be fifteen is exactly as much a stranger from the internet as a hypothetical person claiming to be forty-five.

Red herring.
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Kemetics Vs. the World.
« Reply #76 on: August 14, 2012, 11:37:09 pm »
Quote from: savvy;69010
Why would that make you wary?
Honestly I'd be more wary of people my own age, since from my experience here many  tend to be very overconfident with what they 'know' and aren't at all shy about making sure you know all about what they 'know'.


There is something to be said for the proverb, with age comes wisdom; considering what you were saying you wanted someone with more experience and wisdom would be helpful and yes with that generally comes AGE.  

Personally I think veggiewolf would be a fantastic person to direct the questions you have to(though IMO they would be perfectly justified in refusing) especially considering I have those questions and issues as well, however I don't have the opportunity to talk to anyone IRL about kemeticism or anything other than wicca really.

One of the things I really love about the wonderful world of the internet is that most of the time age, and a myriad of other things don't matter, you can make connections with people that you wouldn't otherwise make because all these things are irrelevant when it's just text on a forum.

Quote from: veggiewolf;69014
Posting again to add:

I actually find it more offensive that someone who has been as vocal as you about not embracing stereotypes can make such an ageist, exclusionary statement.

Quote from: Shefyt;69017
I'm not in Philly, but I could get there relatively easily if a meet-up were to occur. (Alas, I am also a mom-aged Kemetic. ^_^ )


Ok, first I was half joking and wasn't trying to make any ageist statement. I was taught extensively to be wary of meeting online friends, especially if they're older. I have anxiety problems and a pathological fear of harm by strangers, like it's a destructive and distracting obsessive thought process that doesn't care that it's illogical. I was being honest that I am nervous and that it is your age that elicits that even though I know for a fact that you're ALL totally awesome because you've showed me. I really didn't mean to insult anyone. I'm really hurt that I just got jumped on like I told veggie I didn't want to meet with her solely because of her age. I simply said I was nervous, not that her age is somehow a reason to say "f u". She's a mom, that in and of itself is worth less nervousness to me. I'm paranoid, that's really what my point was and I'm afraid of sounding stupid or being disrespectful and insulting which I failed at already. I really wasn't being that serious when I said that and I'm sorry I insulted you all.

To shefyt: organizing a meetup of Philly Kemetics would be awesome....
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Aine Rayne

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Kemetics Vs. the World.
« Reply #77 on: August 15, 2012, 12:05:03 am »
Quote from: Aine Rayne;69139

For the record veggie, I would love to meet you and appreciate that you offered, though I wouldn't be offended if you said no at this point
Finding the Secret Places This is my new blog

Neteruhemta RaShuSet

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Re: Kemetics Vs. the World.
« Reply #78 on: August 15, 2012, 11:11:49 am »
Quote from: Helmsman_of_Inepu;69134
You could also consider doing a short intro program at one of the events. Or make up a flyer or print some cards. A lot of people have no idea Kemeticism exists, or what is involved.

I have considered that prospect. If I get my lazy, procrastinating butt in gear I may be able to get something whipped up.


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Re: Kemetics Vs. the World.
« Reply #79 on: August 30, 2012, 11:22:34 am »
Quote from: Firaza;69028
A Kemetic friend of mine lives in Philadelphia, actually, and I plan to visit her next early year after she comes back from Japan. I think it'd be cool to organize a meetup for local Philadelphians/Pennsylvanians!

Hello ^^ I'm the friend Firaza mentioned. I'd love for Kemetics (or Pagans in general, if just Kemetics ends up being too small of a group...) to have a meet up in Philadelphia! I'd gladly help host/plan something like that when I get back from Japan. I'll be in Tokyo until the end of December, so early next year would work nicely... :)

In response to this entire thread, even though I just came to TC (though I briefly visited a long time ago when I was less certain of my own religious path; it was recommended to me by Firaza that I check it), and have still only recently (in the last three years) come to more accurately and specifically define exactly what I feel I believe in (the spiritual path that works best for me), I would be excited to become a part of a Kemetic would just be so incredibly helpful to meet others of like-minded beliefs and practices...there's just still so much for me to learn and I'm always looking for ways to make connections and learn from other people's experiences. Whether that community forms here, or elsewhere, I'd be happy to join it :)
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