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Author Topic: About the Reformed Kemeticism SIG (Special Rules)  (Read 4548 times)


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About the Reformed Kemeticism SIG (Special Rules)
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:23:39 pm »
The Reformed Kemeticism SIG is a "reformed recon"-oriented board focused on Kemeticism and related ancient beliefs. The primary purpose of this is to develop a modern Kemetic religion that is strongly informed by academic information on ancient Kemetic beliefs and practices. The idea of "Reformed Kemeticism" was sparked by this post, "Is It Time For a 'Reformed' Hellenic Paganism?". Like Hellenic polytheism, Kemeticism cannot reasonably be recreated as it was in the days when it was the state religion.

In this forum, we will attempt to create a modern Kemetic religion that fits the situation modern Kemetics find themselves in. Amongst other ideas, this include the concept of Kemeticism being "in diaspora", which rules out the option of, for example, celebrating holidays with large masses of people, or having a pharaoh. These ideas might offend some of the more strict recons. There are, however, plenty of groups that they might find more welcoming to their ideas - this SIG is not, and will not try to be one of them.

  • This is still a recon-based discussion area. While UPG is welcomed as a complement to primary and academic sources, it will not be given the same weight as the latter, and should be marked as such. The same goes for Llewellyn-esque publications. Silver Ravenwolf's word will not be taken over that of the Pyramid texts or Hornung.
  • This SIG intends to create a modern Kemetic religion, not to duplicate ancient Kemeticism -- especially those parts of ancient Kemeticism that require geographical proximity of great numbers of co-religionists, lavish state sponsored rituals and the like. If you have problems with this idea, this is probably not the SIG for you.
  • While we welcome the input of non-Kemetics with experience in building religious frameworks, we do emphasize that this will be a Kemetic recon-based religion. This means that many of the core ideas are set - we are looking to build a framework for modern practice of the old religion, not yet another brand of Wicca.
  • Recon "pissing" contests (e.g. "I'm a real Recon and you aren't because I do 'X' and you don't.") are not welcome here. The Gods are welcome to judge who is a true worshipper and who is not if they wish, but it is hubris for humans to do it for them.
Sig Leaders: Darkhawk, Sobekemiti
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Re: About the Reformed Kemeticism SIG (Special Rules)
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2011, 05:04:20 pm »
Quote from: RandallS;104

The Kemetic Neo-Recon SIG on the archived board can be found at
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