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Humor and Quizzes / Re: Forum Ban game
« Last post by Morag on Yesterday at 11:33:36 pm »
Banned because dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a Vulcan.

Banned because Vulcan, doctor, I'm a dammit, not a Jim.
Health and Medicine / Re: Tinnitus
« Last post by Jenett on Yesterday at 08:47:59 pm »
Mine is usually best described as a high pitched continual whistling (though early this morning something weird happened and for about 30 seconds it was like listening to the clanging of a church bell or something - so if anyone has anything to say about that, I'd be most interested too).

I know you like the MyNoise tools - the web app has some sounds designed to help with tinnunitis (which I don't generally have, so I haven't tested them, but it's basically white noise frequencies chosen for the purpose. There are multiple options.)
Health and Medicine / Re: Tinnitus
« Last post by Gwen on Yesterday at 08:24:44 pm »
I find white noise is what helps me ignore it best. At some point I'll ask my doctor about hearing aids to help manage it but I'm not quite at that point yet.
Thank you Morag, YES!  I can't believe I didn't think of it before, but you are so right!  White noise does help, and there are machines called "sound conditioners" that are lightweight, portable, and give you the white noise.  My friend bought hers at the Canadian Hearing Society for about $120.
Humor and Quizzes / Re: Forum Ban game
« Last post by Aisling on Yesterday at 06:44:28 pm »
Banned because that's illogical.

Banned because dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a Vulcan.
Humor and Quizzes / Re: Forum Ban game
« Last post by Sefiru on Yesterday at 06:18:02 pm »
Banned for channeling Mr. Spock....

Banned because that's illogical.
Health and Medicine / Re: Tinnitus
« Last post by Darkhawk on Yesterday at 04:05:49 pm »
What, if anything, have you found which helps with it?  Home remedies, methods of learning to live with it and just general ranting &/or commiseration - all are welcomed in this thread.

My values of home remedy are not everyone's values of home remedy because the Celt is an acupuncturist but, weirdly, getting stabbed in the knees cleared up my tinnitus for a bit. It comes and goes depending on other underlying health shit so my long-term solution is "try to do something about the other underlying health shit".
Social Discussion Forums / Re: Recently Blogged
« Last post by Kylara on Yesterday at 02:32:15 pm »

Somewhat related, I've rambled this week about dust clouds, dreams, and elementary physics just to come to the conclusion that I need to not sit on my behind right now:  Faster Than Sound

I love this!  And I think the ideas of not only sound sometimes not having substance, but also being mindful of what noise we are repeating back into the world, is really powerful and worth thinking about.

I went in for a simpler blog topic this time, being a very brief intro to 'fork theory' (a kind of spin-off from spoon theory), with bonus tree photos.

Fork theory (and spoon theory) are really useful, and I love how the word fork is close to that other word we use when frustrated...but I do think it's very useful mental imagery to consider how many forks we are carrying and what we can do to remove some when possible (especially when you know you are about to pick up some more, and you don't want to break).


This week, I sort of rambled about Magicing the science and how getting both parts of your brain working together is the ideal. 

- Is anyone here a member of any groups relating to their condition(s)?

- If so, how do you find it?  Helpful, unhelpful, so-so, or it varies?

- And if not, is there a particular reason why not?

I am a member of a Facebook group for my condition. I picked this one group specifically because they're run by a non-profit that funds research and professional outreach for my condition and has a strong moderator team that disallows any information that's not vetted by the medical profession or any posting of links to information that's not peer-reviewed. I do like that it's a good resource for finding research specific to my condition- it can be exhausting for one person to trawl through all the latest research but when it's a team approach it's much easier.

However, there are a lot of things I find unhelpful and I tend to ignore about 90% of the content posted. There's a lot of heavily Christian "pray for me I'm in the hospital again" posts. There's a lot of people making bitter, bitter accusations of mistreatment at the hands of healthcare professionals which being a nurse myself I always take with a VW Minibus sized grain of salt, but then other people egg these posters on about how all doctors and nurses suck which bothers me. There's a lot of posts along the lines of "does anyone also have X along with this condition" which usually doesn't apply to me. And of course there's also the fact that Adrenal Insufficiency is divided into three basic types, and the type I have (Primary) is the less common type so probably a good 60% of the posts are dedicated to people asking about Secondary which I don't have and oftentimes has a different treatment regimen.
First, do you want to affect the person in possession of the box or the person who stole the box? They may not be the same person.  Second how is making them miserable going to help you? Perhaps making them feel guilty and misrable until they confess their actions to the authorities would be more helpful?

This, also, I'm pretty sure I've seen spells around for 'return of stolen items', which if it were me is what I'd want even more than punishment of the thieves.  Perhaps you might research along those lines?
Art, Poetry, and Writing / Re: Seize the Sky
« Last post by PerditaPickle on Yesterday at 09:50:47 am »
Canoeing along that quiet river, you can hear every beat of their wings as they fly over to check you out :)

Wow, cool
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