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I've lurked/left/returned to this forum for so many years, most recently I left after losing what passed for my faith after a series of deaths and general shitty happenings. Karma?

     Previously I struggled to speak in discussion because of various anxieties, hopefully this return will be more permanent. The actual religious topics that come up have lots of people talking way above my head so I think I'll stick to haunting the more day-to-day discussion areas. Pets/Hobbies/Holidays. Y'know, places I won't have to pull out a dictionary every third word of a reply :P

     In recent time my far less spiritual Agnostic-depending-on-the-day boyfriend has admitted that some of the stuff happening in our life might be a deity leaving voicemail for who used to be the more open one of us. At his urging I've returned, trying to reawaken my spirituality to "check my mailbox" in his terms. I have certainly lost my footing so I am trying to return to the faith search I was set on by my aunt (and previous moderator of TC) with a fresh outlook.

I'm in the Discord if you feel you want to chat.
Selling my time, but not my soul, for money
Crochet, pet care, trying to grow plants indoors
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