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Author Topic: Pets: Seriously Weird Cat Question  (Read 7845 times)


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Re: Seriously Weird Cat Question
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2016, 04:05:24 pm »
Quote from: CalicoNyanko;192582
I hope at this point you have figured something out, but in case this is still going on

Likewise, I hope this situation is better now, but just in case I thought I'd suggest that you try and find episodes of 'My Cat From Hell' on YouTube or something, it's really interesting and you may find trying some of the stuff the guy suggests helpful.

I'll be honest, I didn't 100% read alllll the responses so apologies if I'm repeating something that's already been said.

One thing I read in a cat book was to get a plush cat toy about the same size as your puss, one that's as realistic in shape as possible (not too teddy bear like) and give this to moggy to play fight with, instead of you/your other cat.  Douse with catnip if need be.  Our male cat at that age used to be a bit like this, with the attacking ankles and stuff (he's now 7 and much, much more docile (most of the time)).  This cat sized toy helped with getting our boy to refrain from taking out his aggression on his little sister.  We still have the little plush white tiger toy, and I plonk it in front of him on those occasional days when he's chasing his little sis, and he knows it's the signal to leave her alone.
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Re: Seriously Weird Cat Question
« Reply #16 on: December 19, 2019, 12:39:34 pm »

I'll keep that in mind.
I am very crafty, so if I need to make a toy to keep my baby healthy and happy, you can bet your bippy I will. (Truth is, I can never have real babies, so my animals are really dear to me.)

Thank you so much.

After the vet said everything's everything;

My 10-14yo is a rolling /twitchy cat.  She was full grown when we found her.

She's was a prolific mouser but she's slowing down a little.

She's not as affected as some cats, but she has a tremor, skin waves and lives in a semi poofed state much of the time.

She's also very very vocal.  She talks and expects answers.

Base of tail is the crazy spot.  Back of head ponytail pain maybe? 

It can be eased a little by cupping your whole hand across the cats back over the base of the tail.

I put the other at her shoulders, kind of the same principal as a thunder shirt for a dog.  Light pressure.  Nice and warm.  Like protecting a candle between your hands.

Kind of like if you had a skeeter bite and were trying not to scratch it by focusing on a different sensation.

Then switch to both hands back hips, heels of hands over base of tail, fingers down then same at shoulders again returning to the first hand position.

If cat is cool with that, you can work around the chest/ribs/belly as well.

My rolly cat has really ticklish skin back legs belly.  Kick drive is connected.  So I stay away from that spot.  Stick with firm smooth strokes when petting and be kind about sweeping the energy all the way off.  Don't accidentally create static.

Stopping mid back pet for example would be uncomfortable.

Even at 10ish our girl has a big need for activity.  She's either sleeping or climbing/tearing about.

On the plus side, if you can help ease those nerve twitches when you are together, you're already feeling each other on an energy level.

I don't know your preferred system, but I would go warm, soothing, stabilizing.  Cats purr and heat to heal.

For the behavior stuff...  Whoo.  Yikes.  I wish you patience.  They're only little once?

My twitchy is a girl, so most of the zoomy breaks end with her looking like it was someone else doing that and they offended her horribly. 

It's not unusual to be sitting in the garage and just out of the clear blue she just RUNS all around the room.


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