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Author Topic: Solar Eclipse dream?  (Read 939 times)


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Solar Eclipse dream?
« on: May 21, 2012, 02:38:59 pm »
I went to the park yesterday after I read Yeats' poem about Aengus Og, and I feel it had something to do with the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, Aengus was too busy screaming at me to GO TO THE PARK NOW to give more detailed answers, so I went to the park at 5PM. I also headed down to the beach, because I kept feeling like something was important about the sea.

I went out to the outcropping where people go to fish because the poem mentions Aengus fishing, and I was looking out across the bay and had this growing urge to just... jump in. Which was NOT a good idea, because I can't swim very well and I didn't bring any extra clothes with me anyway.

When the eclipse happened, I got this fluttery nervous feeling in my chest and for the next few hours, I kept feeling the mental equivalent of "double vision" like my glasses were off. And even when my vision was normal, everything was swimming around in my head and I couldn't really "tell" if this was the present or the future.

So I thought about the Tarot reading I got that morning: The Flowering of Logres, the Stone Hallow, and the Stone Knight. I'd also drawn a summary/clarification card and gotten Merlin, who told me to "watch things unfold, but don't manipulate them."

I went to bed early to meditate (and I was tired), but after half an hour my niece and sister came in and I told Aengus that we might have to finish with a dream. Which, at first, was about Narnia. So in the back of my head I asked, "Narnia, Aengus? REALLY?" And he went, "Well, you were tired."

So the normal dream faded, and I saw myself lying on my side in the dark with him. He touched my chest, and the other dream started.

I was on the beach with a unicorn, who may have been the one in my avatar (from Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn). Before we started she told me, "Whenever you need to know where we're going, look in my eyes." So I did, and I saw the Stone Knight's checkered shield in them. I think we were going to find him? Anyway, I got on her back and she started galloping across the sea.

The farther out we got, the larger she grew--when we were on the beach, she was around the size of a deer (her shoulders were about even with mine, and I'm five feet tall), but at some point I "saw" the two of us from a third-party view and I was around half the length of her neck. But I never felt like I was going to fall off, and I wasn't really afraid of that anyway--until the next thing happened.

This horse-thing started coming after me. It wasn't a horse and it wasn't a demon, and the only way I can really describe it is "a perversion of a horse." Its skin was burned black and it had almost no mane left, it had a meat-slab of a torso with spindly legs and a too-long neck, and its lips were burned off to reveal too-white teeth that it used like a predator (reaching out and trying to grab me). Its eyes looked burned shut--but sometimes it opened them, and they were dead white, and I just kept looking back into the unicorn's eyes whenever that happened. The Stone Knight's shield was still there, but now it felt like "I need him to help me."

Every time the horse-thing got too close, I could feel it towering over us, and it managed to graze the unicorn's right flank with its teeth in its attempt to drag me off. She shrank back to her "normal" size then, and that freaked me out.

I reallyreallyreally didn't want that fucker to touch me, and by this point I realized it was connected to my father because whenever the horse-thing stretched its neck out, it felt like Dad was trying to grab me. By this point falling into the sea would be really bad because then it'd be able to get me, but I was also getting too afraid/exhausted to keep going, so before we reached the open ocean, the unicorn dropped me off at an islet with a huge oak tree on it.

The islet was just large enough for me to lie down on, and the oak had huge acorns on it. The unicorn told me, "You can eat them if you need more strength/energy," and I just started stripping the ones I could reach and cramming them into my mouth. Not even shelling them first.

The horse-thing was circling the islet, trying to see through the oak's canopy; I knew it couldn't reach me on land or on the unicorn's back, but I was still afraid of it. So I curled up gripping the oak's trunk, and when I woke up I had (and still have) a really bad craving for acorns.

When I first woke up I went, "There's an oak tree in front of the next building--ACORNS." Then I reminded myself that this would look weird and range from "upset stomach" to "dying" in risk level (I don't feel like I'd take the time to boil them), so maybe I should buy some other nuts that I can just eat right when I get home. And I went, "HAZELNUTS."

But then I remembered that hazelnuts aren't in season right now, so I was like, "Thank god for Nutella. I'll buy a box of nuts later."

So the big things that I can get: Riding across the sea (journey to the Otherworld?), riding a unicorn across the sea (purity, and I can see things in her eyes), the horse-thing (corruption of something, representing the child abuse I went through), and the oak tree's islet (strength/endurance).

If anyone has input or needs more details, feel free to post.
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