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Author Topic: Is Sexuality In Witchcraft Is Harmful?  (Read 3052 times)


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Re: Is Sexuality In Witchcraft Is Harmful?
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2012, 08:17:17 am »
Quote from: Owl;50058
I have heard several times over the years, from different people who did not know each other, the males lose energy when ejaculating during sex. ..

I can't quote a source any longer but for males an orgasim is also known as the little death.  It was quite common for the heart to skip a beat somewhat from what I recall.  It may occur with women as well but it has been so long since I research it I honestly can't say other than I recall it being the Little Death.

As such it is a significant loss of energy within the male body, especially focused and compressed energy.

Elani Temperance

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Re: Is Sexuality In Witchcraft Is Harmful?
« Reply #16 on: April 16, 2012, 08:39:46 am »
Quote from: AncientWays;49853
Is sexuailty in witchcraft harmful?

No, not in my opinion. Others have explained the reasoning behind this wonderfully. I replied to say that the only time I stop masturbation and sex is close to Beltane as I want to save that energy for the Circle. By abstaining, it becomes sacred when I submit during ritual. After Beltane, all bets are off ;)
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Re: Is Sexuality In Witchcraft Is Harmful?
« Reply #17 on: April 20, 2012, 07:42:10 pm »
Quote from: AncientWays;49853
My question is " Is sexuailty in witchcraft harmful? Especially during the preparation of the dedication ritual and the following week?" I mean can sexual activities harm the energy that we gathered during the preparation of the dedication and the following week? :)

I think this is the best question I've seen in this forum, and I myself have often been faced with this question before certain rituals. In just my own personal opinion, I would think that mindless sex before a dedication or seeker ceremony would be rather wasteful, unless of course it's with someone you very much care for, and it just sort of "happens." Again, that's just in my opinion, and as you can see, this question can go many ways.

In the question of chasity and abstinence, however, sexual active could be a great tool to use as a ritualistic, personal sacrifice, especially if you're one to enjoy sex very much. ;) In this scenario, you are giving up something in exchange for a blessing of sorts - the Law of Equivalent Exchange. The Catholics also practice something similar called Lent. :P

I will say this. I once made a vow to the gods to abstain from sex for a period of 40 days in the hopes of finding more meaning and passion in love. That vow proved to be extremely difficult, and none of my cleverly written spells or talismans could stop me from eventually caving in to natural desires. Did anything negative come from this? Only the fact that I let myself down in the presence of the Universe. And though I acquired some meaning, it wasn't quite what I was intending. But that's what happens when you break a spell. However, this was a personal decision I made for myself, and not an actual requirement of my religion. It basically showed me I have some will power issues to look into.

Ultimately, the answer lies within you. If you feel that abstaining would be necessary, then go for it. But if you find yourself in that certain situation with a certain someone, don't beat yourself up over it. Sex is absolutely natural, and as long as both parties involved are satisfied, then you should look at it as a blessing, as a gift from the Universe. I hope this helps you, and blessed be. :)


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Re: Is Sexuality In Witchcraft Is Harmful?
« Reply #18 on: April 21, 2012, 02:30:26 am »
Quote from: AncientWays;49899
I ran into many ideas about that and I wondered if it is harmful for the energy or not. And now I could find out the problem in my head with the help of you. Thanks all of you to share your ideas. :)

Harmful?  Not in and of itself.  But the circumstances behind what leads to the sex can be.  I think sex can do wonderful things to raise energy and it's wonderful to celebrate it.  

But in creepy cult situations if one or more people are feeling manipulated, then that would be harmful.  The key difference is the circumstance behind what's driving the parties involved.  I try to look at the reasons driving the decision to use sex.  Like anything, those can  be used for good or ill.  The act itself if done out of love I would not see as harmful though, quite the opposite.
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